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Handmade Card: The Perfect Pair

Studio Re-do: Mid-Chaos

So if you follow me on Twitter you know that I'm re-doing my studio space.  It started just before CHA when we got rid of the futon that was in there and then emptied out the filing cabinets so they could get moved out.

And now I have a big 'ol mess!!!

I went to the hardware store and got a solid core door and had them cut it to 80" x 24" and also got some support pieces.  My husband built me this workbench that's at the perfect height for me to stand up and work...I just need to add some wood trim and paint to it.  I'm thinking of adding a glass top to it as well.


I've also made an Ikea run to get some cabinets which I can't wait to put together.  Assembling them got delayed since I had minor surgery on my ankle for a pre-cancerous mole that had previously been removed and then started to grow back.  {Get your moles check people!!!}  I've also been shopping for modern rugs, lighting, etc. 

Hopefully I'll be able to share more progress soon!  And for those of you that want to know what my space looked like previously you can check out this video that I did for Mixology Crafts a while ago.  It's evolved since then, but you'll see how small the nook was that I was working in was.  I can't wait to moved completely into the studio office and say goodbye to the nook!