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Fabric easy, you can totally do this!! (w/video)

Boy, technology has not been my friend the last couple of days!  So frustrating!!  -However I did get a new microphone out of it, so I guess that's good.  :)

After many requests on how to make fabric flowers like the ones I made on my shirt from Spark, I finally made a video for you!  -Actually made it a week or so ago and my mic died in the middle of it so that's why I'm so delayed in getting it to you.  I also filmed this at night, so hopefully it's not too dark.  Ok, enough of all that...on to the video...


Here's some close-ups of some fabric and zipper flowers I've's the one in the video made out of an old T-shirt:


This next one I wound the fabric tightly around and let the raw edges and "wrong" side of the fabric show:



This next one I wound looser:



Now, one made out of a zipper:



It's such a fun and easy technique to do. It's great to embellish them even further by adding lace, pearls, buttons,etc.  I hope you all have as much fun with making these as I do. 

My vintage fabric flowers - love them!!