Tilano Coasters Project

Tilano Coasters - Part 2

Guess what?  I re-did the Tilano coasters!  I know, I know, I'm always saying to go with it when things don't turn out to your expectations...but in this case, my family is going to be looking at these every day for years to come.  Plus there are so quick to do (well except for waiting for them to dry LOL) that it wasn't taking up a lot of effort or time out of my life.

Tilano Coasters - sanding In the directions for the coaster it says if you have any problems you can just sand the tiles down and start fresh...so I did!  By the way, the kit comes with the sandpaper and enough of the other supplies to re-do them (or you could use the extras to try transferring your photos to other things!)

This time instead of having Kinko's do the printing I used my husband's color laser printer.  It worked much better!  I also decided to print them out at 4 inches too.  Which worked pretty good although I did have to trim them down a bit smaller when I went to apply them to the coasters.

The sanding went pretty fast.  I think it took me only a minute or two per coaster.  After I was done sanding I just proceeded through the steps.  I ended up letting the transfer paper dry to the tiles overnight & then when I got up the next day I removed the paper backing, sanded the edges a bit, and applied the protective coats of medium.  

And here's the finished project!  So glad I took the time to re-do them.  :)

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EPB_Tilano Coasters - finished

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