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Inspiration Unlimited 2009: The People

IMG_5653 It was such a blessing to even be able to go to this event!  I had taken a break from craft events since my spine surgery so I didn't sign up immediately when registration was announced.  I ended up getting on the wait list once it was clear that I was healing well and would be able to fly there and be a part of the fun.  Once Dana and Stephanie D. found out I got off the waiting list and into the event they offered to let me crash in their hotel room, and to top it off they wouldn't let me carry a thing....they became my Sherpas and carted all my craft supplies, luggage, ect. back and forth each day.  -Aren't they sweet!  My friends are so awesome!!

Inspiration Unlimited was a blast!  I don't think I've been to any other event where I felt more connected to the other women in attendance.  There was just the right number of ladies there so that we could bond and really connect with one another. Even before the actual event took place I was ready to sign up for 2010!   


photo by Susan Rodriguez (aka: Bucket)

IMG_5805bIt was great to see old friends (they aren't old, we've just been friends for awhile, LOL) like Ginger (the BEST craft event planner!!), Bucket, Kathy, and others...and to finally meet online friends in real life.  For instance, Janna and I have crossed paths a million times online over the years, yet this is the first time we've seen each other face to face.  It was so great to hear her sweet southern voice and give her a big hug!  

And then there is Stephanie, who is a CA girl too so we cross paths often yet never really have the time at most events to talk.  It was so great to get to know her better.  I never realize how hilarious she is...SO FUNNY!  I laughed so hard with her that I was crying.


IMG_5822b-web Teresa Collins is such a great instructor!  I learned a lot of great techniques from her (and the other instructors as well).  One of the things I love about Teresa is that you can see her heart in everything she does.  She makes everyone feel special and loved.

It was great to see Layle there too.  She's always a blast!  I'm really going to miss her not being at IU 2010, but I think that it's great that she's striving for balance and peace in her life...and if that means she won't be at an event or two then that's fine by me!


I can't believe I never have met Tammy before this event...she's a CA girl too.  Two words about her: BEAUTIFUL photography!!  I re-learned so much from her.  (Photography is like that for me...I forget 90% of what I learn!)  

I still have to show you the fabulous project we worked on there...but I'll save that for another post, I have to get crack'n on some projects.