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Review: Glue Glider Pro

Gluegliderpro Ok, guess what scrapbooker you know forgot to bring adhesive to CKC?  -Yep, ME!  I had glue dots & what not, but that wasn't going to get me far, especially when I'm used my ATG 714 gun and the "Gold" ATG adhesive.  So I ended up having to buy a Glue Glider Pro...thank the Lord they were having a good deal on them!


Bullet Easy to refill...just pull out the adhesive cartridge & pop in the new.

Bullet 4 different adhesive options (you can check them out here).

Bullet It's cute clear/pink/green...I love cute.

Bullet It's small size (compared to the ATG) let it fit right in my Tote-Ally Mini

Bullet Stickiness: about the same as the ATG Gold in my opinion....but you can read Ellen's review since she compared the GGP and ATG Red adhesives.  (I've heard that the Gold is stickier than the Red though)


Bullet Not very environmentally friendly...when you change out the adhesive cartridge you throw away a lot of plastic.GGP-cartridge

Bullet Now I know I'm used to the ATG, but I was really surprised how quickly I went through my first adhesive cartridge.  I only did 4 layouts & had to change it out.  

BulletThere isn't a trigger on the GGP like there is on the ATG.  It seemed like I had to apply a lot of pressure to get the adhesive to roll out.  My arm/wrist was pretty tired by the end of the day.  When I didn't apply the pressure it wouldn't roll out...which was kinda frustrating.

Bullet I'm right handed, so I like to see where I'm putting the adhesive...with the GGP the adhesive is lined up on the right side of the I can't see where it's going & I often rolled it off the paper.  (FYI - the ATG adhesive is on the left side of the applicator so I can see exactly where it's going to go.)ATG-closeupGGP-closeup

Bullet Expensive...well, for adhesive.  The gun retails for around $15 and the refills for around $9 for about 60-65 feet.  (Compared to the ATG which retails for around $41 but the refills are only about $3.50 or less for 36 yard.)