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CKC Pasadena Classes

Had a blast at CKC Pasadena!  I took 5 classes...

Bullet A Taste of Scraptique Part Deux I ended up missing this class, but my friend picked up the class kit for me so I could work on it later that night.  I only got one of the layouts 90% finished & still have the rest to do.  
I took two photo classes, Digital Photography 101 and Digital SLR Basics.  Both of them were taught by Erin Manning and although they were very basic classes she gave a fabulous presentation.  I love photo classes because they always inspire me to try new things with my camera.  
On a side note, I talked with Erin after class about the error message I get on my Canon DSLR camera and she gave me some thing to try before I send it out for repairs.  Hoping that does the trick...I really miss using that camera.
Bullet 2009 Latest & Greatest with Basic Grey Good paced class with a bit of extra product to take home.  They had a companion kit in their booth that you could buy to complete all the page 2s with but I didn't get it since it's a rare day when I do a two page layout these days.  I completed 3 of the 4 layouts & now just have to add my pictures & journaling and my own finishing touches.
Bullet A Peek Into My Week Great mini album but a very fast paced class.  I hope there weren't any beginners in that class because I'm sure they would have been frustrated.  I typically would have loved the pace however I took this class last & by then my back was a bit fussy.  This mini is going to turn out so cute though when I'm done with it...I'd say I'm about half done so far.
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