I'm home :D
Basic Grey Wisteria Card Kit

I'm crafty again!

EPB-Cards_SIL-ThanksMy craft stuff is beckoning me...and I just can't stay away.  :D  It was a little tricky to figure out how & where to work on things since I can't sit for very long.  I ended up standing at the breakfast bar to work on a few cards...and here's one of them.  -Sorry it's a bit blurry of a photo!

I made this card for one of my BFFs, Lori.  She was so sweet to come over & take me out to lunch when I was home-bound & not able to drive. 

All the paper & rub-ons are by Sassafras Lass and I used my Silhouette to create the "thanks" (the font is CK Darling) and the little curly-Q above the ribbon.  I made the curly-Q by scanning a sheet of the Sassafras Lass paper that had that design as part of it & then cleaned it up & had my Silhouette cut it out.


And an update on me...I'm feeling pretty well.  I still have a lot of restrictions on what I can & can't do & I have to take it easy & rest a lot for the next month or so.  I did have to grieve a bit over the active life I had and that was hard...but lifestyle adjustments are hard for everyone I think.  -And even though I have to be spine conscious & not over-do things for the rest of my life, I'm VERY thankful for the relief this surgery is bringing me....and in reality things could be a whole lot worse.