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Here is what's on my mind tonight...

  • The Girl's Loft - Can't wait to see what digi-kits Margie & the girls whip up!
  • I'm sketching some screen printing ideas down & digging out my Yudu tomorrow (hopefully).  Did I tell you I put it in one of those gigantic Ziplock bags to store it while I recovered from my surgery?  Worked great!
  • I REALLY want to SB something!  It's been a LONG I just have to carve out the time & do it!  Hopefully I'll have something to show ya soon.  :D


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  -Well, almost.  :D  Thank you to all of those who have served in Military service...and your families too for the sacrifices they make.  -You truly make a difference in the world!

EPB-DipPicks For Memorial Day we're having family over for a BBQ...having a planned event has REALLY helped my mental/emotional well-being.  It's been hard for me to feel so much better (but not "cured") and have so many restrictions on doesn't give me a whole lot to look forward to each day.  Anyways, I'm just glad to have my family over & be able to do some of the things I enjoy doing.  Here's some of the Dip-Picks I made this morning...nothing fancy, just  something to keep things labeled.  -I'm a bit OCD & will label pretty much anything, although I decided not to label the obvious stuff: watermelon, condiments, chocolate chip cookies, etc.   :D  These were made with my Silhouette (surprise, surprise)...I should get some sort of deal since I'm always talking about it LOL.  Oh, speaking of the wonderful Silhouette, I get a lot of emails asking for help with it & while I'm always happy to try to help you with it I do want to let you know (if you don't already) that there are some wonderful sites for learning more about your Silhouette.  Quickutz (the maker of the Silhouette) has a tutorial's for the SD (newer version) but it still applies to those of us who have the "old" Silhouette with the updated version on it.  BTW, if you haven't updated your Silhouette software yet do's new & improved!  There's also a bunch of Yahoo Groups for Silhouettes & other digital craft of my favorites is this one.  If you join be sure to read through the FAQ part of the group (located in the group files) first before posting any questions...most of your answers will be there. 

Enjoy your weekend! 


I'm caught up on my Project 365

33 Before my surgery I printed out a bunch of my 365 photos but never got around to sticking them in my album or doing the the other day I had Costco print out my next batch of photos & today I got caught up.  I still have a few photos & journaling that I need to take/write & stick in, but there aren't very many of them. 

Feel free check out my updated pages here.  Since I've been so bad lately with adding my daily pictures daily I've decided to only have the finished (or nearly finished) pages online & to remove the individual shots.  I just don't have the umph right now to post pix daily....and I'm ok with that.  :D  There's no stress in creativity IMO! 

Blog04-24 Now, even though I won't be posting ALL my daily shots, I'm sure every now & again I'll post some that may be of interest....and this may be one of them....well, at least to those who know me IRL LOL.  That's me two days after surgery...I just got done walking with my PT and had sat for the 1st time.  I know my friends & family that live far away are wanting to see the pig-tails, so I thought I'd humiliate myself & share it with the world.  (Oh my word, what am I thinking showing everyone these....those meds must be getting to my common sense!!  -Just out of surgery, no make-up, pig-tails!  Ugh!!)


Basic Grey Wisteria Card Kit

EPB_2009-05-09 So, I've been working on cards...with a fat cat on my heals LOL. 

I broke open my Basic Grey Wisteria card kit this weekend...along with some chocolate, LOL!


<--------------- Here's all of the cards completed.  Ususally, when I do a kit of any kind I modify it & make it my own....this time I was just happy to be creating things so I pretty much stuck to the instructions included in the kit...but I did have to add a bit of Stickles on every card though.  :D 




<-------I had to add this flower to the card since the chipboard flower that came in the kit was printed a bit wonky.

{you can click on the photos to see them bigger}