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Yudu Screen Printing

Odds are you found this page on my blog through a search engine or a link posted on another site....welcome

If you're looking for Yudu screen printing information you're in the right place!!

(Disclosure: Provo Craft is one of my sponsors and provides me with some products.)


  • Can't figure the Yudu out?  Try watching my tutorials: 
Emulsion 101

Screen Prining on Canvas

How to reclaim Ink

  • Here's some answers to your Yudu questions:
Click here for answers to:    Does the emulsion smell?   How big is it?    Does it work on paper?   How many people does it take to operate?   Can you use multiple colors?  (Also, check out my Mixology Crafts post on multi-colors)  Where can I get one?    Do I have to use all Yudu (Provo Craft) products with it?

Click here for answers to:    How long does it take from start to finish?   How many times can you use a screen?   How do Yudu screen printed T-shirts hold up to washing?   Is it hard to center images?

Click here for answers to:    Can I put multiple images on a screen?  Does the ink stain the screen?

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If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or on Formspring....I'm more than happy to help.   :)