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January 2009

Catching up

EPB-LO_Together I've wanted to share this LO for awhile now, but I've had some issues with my back and haven't been online much.  The photo quality isn't the greatest and you probably can't read the journaling, but you get the idea of it LOL. 

<----That's some of my BFFs & I.  -Miss you girls!!!

Oh, and notice the stack of LOs that I have to put away?  I'm getting worse & worse at putting them in albums!

In Yudu news....thank you everyone for your comments & emails.  I will be responding to them as soon as I can.  If you are wanting to get one HSN is having a special deal with free can check it out here.  There is also a rebate you can check out here.


Welcome Yudu

Yudu1 Guess what Provo Craft has relased?  It's called Yudu, and is an at-home silk screening machine.  AND, I'm getting to test drive one!!! 

I'm super excited to get to play with it & am making lists of possibilities on what to create....if you have any ideas, send them my way.


Some cards

EPB-Cards_PurpleButterfly I worked on a couple of cards yesterday.  I used my Copic markers on the butterfly....and although you can really see it in this photo, I used my new favorite pen --the Atyou Spica clear pen.  It leaves a great sparkle on things without adding texture. 

Here's a close up shot of it that shows the sparkle a little better:


Oh, and can you tell I popped up the right side of the butterfly? 

EPB-Cards_SILflowers And here's another card I did.  I used my Silhouette to cut out some flowers out & then just flipped the center cut flower over so it showed to reverse side of the patterned paper.  -Super simple, but cute results!


Q & A

I've had a handful of questions asked lately & thought I'd answer them here since my back is hurting & I don't feel like getting up to upload my 365 pix & pix of some cards I made today. 

First off, had couple of questions about the comment section of my blog.  A few people wanted to know how I got people's pix to show up there.  I'm beta testing a new Typepad feature that allows blog readers to connect with each other better through blogs.  You can read more info about it here & see a little overview video there too.  You can build a blog reader profile by signing up there as well...and it works with Typepad, Moveable Type, Word Press, Blogger, and Tumblr.  -But don't feel like you HAVE to sign up for can still leave me "anonymous" comments if you like.

Secondly, a lot of people want a 365 kit and unfortunately they are sold out for now (word is that they are ordering more & may have more available at some point).  But there are other alternatives to using this specific kit...even FREE alternatives!  -What can be better than that!  Here's a digi freebie...or you can download & print the very same ones that come in the CK 365 kit here.  I'm sure you could google some other digi kits or search on the message boards at 2Ps for more options.

Some of you have noticed that with my 365 pix I'm not picky with them being technically perfect.  (Thanks for applauding me on that!)  With this project I'm trying to tell the story of our year and I'm trying to not stress myself out by HAVING to take the PERFECT photo.  Truthfully, I'm only taking one or two shots at a time....and sometimes only one or two shots a day period.  It's pretty freeing just click quickly and see what happens.

5033 Oh, and if you haven't seen Marley & Me yet,'s a good one.  We just went yesterday & I bawled through most of it and then when we got home I hugged my dog really good.


Yudu Screen Printing

Odds are you found this page on my blog through a search engine or a link posted on another site....welcome

If you're looking for Yudu screen printing information you're in the right place!!

(Disclosure: Provo Craft is one of my sponsors and provides me with some products.)


  • Can't figure the Yudu out?  Try watching my tutorials: 
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How to reclaim Ink

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If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or on Formspring....I'm more than happy to help.   :)