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December 2008

Scrapbook Supplies in 2009

In 2009...

  • I will probably not buy as much....

            -paper stacks

            -colored cardstock in "new" colors (but I will buy what I run out of if I love it)







            -kits (which really brakes my heart, but I have a major back-log of kits to do now)





  • I probably will still buy....

            -doo-dads & bling

            -patterned paper (only what I absolutely love & only 1 sheet at a time)

            -storage/organizational stuff (only IF we buy a house with a SB room for me)

            -journaling pens (my old ones are almost dried up)

            -Silhouette stuff (there's not much to buy for it since I can make my own mats and make/download shapes/fonts to cut)

            -digi stuff

            -rub-ons (but only what I LOVE & will use)

            -photo printer ink & Costco photo prints

I'm sure there's more stuff to buy or NOT buy, but I can't think of it now....but needless to say, I really plan on using what I have and improvising/making do with what I have.  -It should be fun to make what I have work.  :)

PS - this topic is discussed in length here at Two Peas.

Oh, and Happy New Year!!!!


Freckle Eye

Eye Last week I had an appointment with my eye Dr. and although my vision has not changed, he did see a choroidal nevus (eye freckle) at the back of one of my eyes.  Since it was considered large he wanted me to go see a retinal eye specialist to make sure it wasn't that's what I did this morning.  Long story short, I'm fine, but I do have Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigmented Epethelium (CHRPE) which they will monitor every 4-6 mos. to make sure it doesn't change for the worse.

So, anyways, I said all that to say.....I'm board!  They had to run a bunch of test on my eyes so they have been dilated and strained from the acrobatics they did this morning and I haven't got much else done the rest of the day.  My body wants to go, go, go....but my eyes want to rest, rest rest.  I guess I've always taken my eyes for granted up until now....but I'm so thankful that both of them are ok since I REALLY like them. 


Rusty Pickle Challenge

I was craving scrapbooking today, so I took some time and put aside all the things that I should be doing to CREATE!  Rusty Pickle is having a challenge for December with a really good sketch, so I thought I'd jump in & try it.  I ended up doing two LOs with the sketch since I liked it so much & I'm missing my niece a TON right now so you can only guess what the subject of my LOs is LOL!!

Here's the LO for the challenge: EPB_LO-BestChristmas 

And here's the other LO I did just for the fun of it:



Dec 26th

Nola Whew, that's over! 

We had a great Christmas, but there's something to getting back on track that's very invigorating.  I have a TON of end of the year stuff to do!

I think I'm going to miss the Christmas music though!

-Hope your Christmas was merry & that you have a very happy New Year!