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....or catch-up? I hate them both. Yep, I'm behind on my blog yet again. But the good news is that I switched out my cell phone that has been driving me crazy for a new one (and it's pink!) that actually works! I'm SO happy with it.! So hopefully I'll be better at blogging now, 'cuz I can blog from it. :D

Oh, also, today is the last day of the Birthday Bash over at Faith go check it out....there's lots of prizes to win!!


No picture layout - Stories Passed Down

EPB_LO-StoriesPassedDown I'm not a great journaler (is that even a word????) just is not my SBing strength, but I've been trying to do LOs this year that are not just fluff.  I want them to truly tell the story of my life & my family.  Well, with Faith Sisters newest challenge of SBing your "favorite Bible story" I didn't know what photo to use....and then when I jotted down what story I wanted to tell I was surprised to see how long it it dawned on me that I don't NEED a picture this time.  AND on top of that, I didn't even use my sewing machine on this one (it seems like I use it on just about every LO I do LOL)...I did faux stitching (AKA, I used a pen to make mock stitch lines around some of the squares & across part of the title). ---->EPB_LO-StoriesPassedDown-CloseUpTo see what supplies I used or to read the journaling click here.


Making Memories LO & Card

EPB_LO-DogPile When I was at Target the other day I picked up the new Noteworth line of Making Memories papers and so when I saw this sketch I couldn't wait to use it. 

{Reminder: click on the pix to see them bigger.}

EPB_Card-Owl And then, of course, there were leftover scraps left laying there, so I made this card.  I got the word stamps when I was out shopping (at Michael's????) with Lori awhile ago...they had a bunch of funny ones there that I "had" to have.  -And that cute little owl is from Unity...I just love their stamps!


Fall Cards

EPB_Card-Thanks I had to get some thank you cards made for a card swap I'm going to tomorrow.  I was stuck about what to I searched online & found this awesome card making blog & decided to CASE one of hers....I think I like hers better...but oh well, at least it's done.  :D

I made a few other cards too.  It's kinda funny...I meant to just make one more, but after it was finished I didn't love it.  -It just felt wrong, so I chopped it almost in half & this is what I got:


so then I did this to the remaining bit-o-card:EPB_Card-BirdWish 

It kind of looks like I used a white pen on those, but it's really the silver Ultimate Glitter Gel Pen by American Crafts.


Another LO with older pix

First off....let me just say it...I HATE computer problems....and doesn't it always seem to happen at the WORST times!!  Thankfully my router problem is resolved for now & I'm online.  :D

I've been busy working on a lot of different creative team projects and I'm happy that I can share this one with you.  Now, before I do, you have to PROMISE me you won't laugh at the picture I's another oldie.  (Like you couldn't tell by the hair LOL!)  I've had this pic floating through my photo piles for just about forever....I knew I wanted to use it, but I didn't know how until I got saw the challenge at Faith Sisters on restoring your soul.  The first thing that popped into my head was this picture & how God's word restores my there you have it, my LO.

EPB_LO-Ps23_3 Ok, now remember, you promised you wouldn't laugh.