CKU Provo 2008 Review
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Paint Can and Charm Bracelet Swap - CKU Provo 2008

My last CKU Provo post....better late then never LOL.  Sorry, to take so long but since I've been home from CKU I've been super busy with work & life stuff.

Paintcanswap You all have seen my paint can & what's inside it here....but here is Ronda F & I after we swapped cans at the Paint Can swap. 

This swap was kinda like an arranged marriage...Faye (the swap hostess) would hold up two cans, the two creators of the cans would come forward & you'd get each other's can.  Afterwards there were hugs and photos.

Thanks Deanna for taking our pix!

Charmbracelet And here's my loaded charm bracelet from the charm swap.  I should take more pix of it & post it, but if I waited to do that I'd never get it posted LOL.  Thanks Jessica for taking this pix of it & letting me have a copy.

I think we ended up with 25 charms in all....quite a lot for my wrist LOL!  But it was a really fun swap to participate in.