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Well, I'm still catching up on email & editing pix of LOs from while my 'puter was down...but here's a recent LO....I forgot to put the date on it though (that happens a lot actually, so I'm going to add it)....I took this pix (just held the camara up & clicked the shutter) while we were taking a scenic drive a few weeks ago.


Oh, and while I was SBing with my girl friends on Friday we were discussing chipboard letter storage and then today I found this idea & thought I'd share it with you.


Back & Tagged

Ok....thanks to my wonderful husband, I'm back online.....hopefully for good.  I sure missed my laptop & my virtual life, LOL.

While I was gone Jennifer tagged me.  Now since I've been tagged a bunch of times I'm going to play along, but please forgive me for not tagging anyone else...

10 random things about me....

  • I just cleared off my scrapbook space...and now an hour a couple of hours later it's almost as bad as it was before.  I like to keep a clean space since it's viewable from our living room and makes me crazy if it's messy.
  • I've been strength training since December & I love feeling sooo much stronger & actually seeing muscle.
  • I haven't taken a picture in 5 days.
  • I made brownies yesterday and amazingly there's still over half of them left.
  • Tomorrow I plan on making Kool Aid Playdough with my niece.
  • I've put together all the furniture that we've bought at Ikea.
  • For Girls Night Out tomorrow I'm scrapbooking with my girl friends.
  • I iron every day.
  • I never use an umbrella in the rain....even when it's pouring.
  • I'm married to the most awesome man!  We were best friends for 3 years (well, we're still best friends, LOL), dated for 7 and have been married for almost 8 years.


'Puter Problems

Unfortunately I'm having some computer problems right if you're trying to reach me it may be awhile.  I'll try checking my email from my DHs computer every chance I get.