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December 2007

2008 Gratitude Journal

Feeling slightly better right now, so I took some pix of the journal I made record something I'm greatful for each day.  I plan on putting 7 gratitudes down on each "page" for each day of the there's 52 pages all verying in size.  I think I'll stamp, sticker, or write the dates down & embelish more as I go along.

Here's pictures of mine, but you can see how Emily, Cathy, and Margie did theirs too...let me know if you made one, I'd love to see it!

Gratitudejournalfront  Gratitudejournalinside_2  and of course I had to use that great little Cats Life Press Stamp again on my back cover....Gratitudejournalback


sneak peek

I'm still sick.

But here's a sneak peek of one of the things I finished up for the Faithfully Yours design team:


I still have to take a pix of the 2008 gratitude journal that I'm going to do.  Thanks Emily for the idea!



I'm sick with a cold...missing a messy, non-Christmas decorated (no time to do this yet) home.  I'm running low on Kleenex with lotion in it too...which is NOT a good thing right now.

BUT, when I'm up to it I'll post the pix of my 2008 Gratitude journal/scrapbook and some sneak peaks of my Faithfully Yours design team projects.