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October 2007

Lucky Girl!!

Ok, some of you know that I have been very blessed with winning contests & drawings in the past....well, let me tell you something, this is the tops so far....I won this door prize from the Ontario Scrapbook Expo.  (I wanted to wait to announce it until I had an official word that I had definitely won it & I got that awesome email today.)  Guess what....this is one prize my hubbie is VERY happy I've won unlike all the SB stuff I have one previously!

PS.....THANK YOU EPSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tagged again....

There must be a serious tag bug going around....I got tagged again....this time by Jessica.  Jessica is such a fun person to be around too.  I first met her at CKU Anaheim this past summer, but we talk alot online & took a Rusty Pickle class at the Scrapbook Expo last week.

Let's see 7 more things about me.....

  1. I love iced no sugar
  2. I love to read although I haven't had much time to do so lately
  3. I'm finishing up my recipe cards for Sherelle
  4. After my hubbie goes to work early in the AM (think sometime between 12 and 2) I often can't go back to sleep so I get up and clean or scrapbook.....or like tonight, get caught up on emails & blogs
  5. I finally cleaned out my purse yesterday.  It was a total mess...I was almost too embarrassed to even open it to pay for anything when out in public.
  6. Our modem seems like it's on the fritz, so we keep having to fiddle & reboot stuff to get internet access....we're gonna have to replace it soon 'cuz we can't live & work with out internet
  7. I'm so excited that the holiday flavored coffee creamers are out in the's the only time of year that I buy flavored creamers...the rest of the year I use soy creamers....the soy people should come out in some holiday flavors IMO.....peppermint would be my 1st choice.

OK, since I just picked 7 people last week I wont do it again, but if you've never been tagged consider this YOUR tag & let me know 7 things about you.


By popular demand......

the paper I used on my cards is by "Glitz Design"...seems like everyone likes it, which is good since I do too.  I got it at my LSS, but it's also available online at

Well, today was fun....I went to Scrapbook Expo Ontario with some friends.  I took two classes & shopped which was really fun since I haven't done much of either of those in awhile.



Thanks for all your emails....yesterday the fire got really close & we were in the process of gathering our things to evacuate when the fire crews got here & soaked the closet parts.  The fire than was blown by the winds down into Stevenson Ranch which is a few blocks away from us & closer to many of my friends.  It was a scary day.  Thankfully all are safe here.

Onto good & scrappy news.  I finished my cards for the playing card swap in Heidi Swapp's A Year To Remember....I have to mail those out & take a pix of them to post here on my stay tuned, I'll try to have the pix up sometime tomorrow.