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Random stuff....

I know, I know, I haven't been around much.  We have family visiting us right now so I've been busy with them.

Thanks for all the ideas & links that you sent me for what to do with my blank canvas....I hope to get to that soon.

Here's something else I'm gonna try out (I think)'s a Pumpkin stencil maker....should come in handy when it comes to carving time.

Hope you're having a happy Sunday!




I did it.

I broke down and bought a blank canvas.

It's only 10 x 10....but it's a start.  I don't know why canvas is intimidating to me, but I am determined that when I actually have free time to create "just for me" I'm going to tackle that blank canvas & create something beautiful with it.

Thank goodness I got it on sale so if I mess it up I won't be I can just paint over the "bad" stuff & create something good over it if I have to.

We'll see what happens.


1st Brush

As a hybrid-scrapper I'm very proficient at Paint Shop Pro 8....but I've only dabbled in Photo Shop Elements lately I've been trying to force myself to open PSE5 up & learn to use it instead of PSP8.  I'm a geek & I love to learn new computer stuff, but I also like to get things done quickly  & it's easier to do it in the program I'm most familiar with, but I want to keep learning & see all of what PSE5 has to offer.  So today I saw Jessica Sprague's tutorial on how to make a brush from a dingbat & decided I'd give it a try.  Here's my results:1stbrush_4

I used the 2P's DW Make a Wish dingbat font to make the flower.  It was SO easy to do & it's a good skill to know since I can totally see myself using it in the future.  So thanks Jessica.

BTW, that's my niece once again in the pix with me....she's gett'n so big!


DT Debut

Epbalteredcoaster_erin Each week a new SWAT design team member is being featured at Faithfully Yours....guess who's week it is now?  -Yep, ME.

<-------My altered coaster.....I think orange is my new fav color.  Ok, green is still my all time FAV, but now orange is sharing.

I have some other things for you to see here....look for my tutorial on how to print & paint on transparencies and the LO I submitted for the DT call (which will be posted here eventually).

I can NOT believe it's Friday!!!  How on earth did that happen????  This week just flew by for was the start up week for BSF & then we had A LOT going on with work & family.  There's so much going on right now that I have to really balance what I want to do & what I need to unfortunately that means there's not much time for SBing for fun (vs SBing commitments).  One thing that was a commitment but also fun to do was a 2 pg LO for my friend's circle journal.  I did a hybrid LO (used digital & "real" stuff on the pages) turned out pretty cute & I can't wait to share it with you next year...that's when we'll be done with the circle journals....we're trying to not ruin the surprise for the owners of the circle journals by posting pix....that is something incredibly hard for me since I'm HORRIBLE with keeping here's a little sneak peak (Deanna, close your eyes)...Epblo_100thingspeek