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Just wanted to shout out a BIG thank you to Janine & Tasra for the happy mail today!

I also got two magazines in the mail today....Creating Keepsakes & Digital Scrapbooking.  -Guess I'm not getting much done this afternoon now, LOL.  Not that I really can.  California's having a power shortage so we're all being asked to save energy (shucks, I was SO looking forward to doing laundry!) today especially in the afternoons.  When I checked around 1pm today they said it was 108°F, but that because of the humidity it felt like 112°F....let's just say that I'm praying we don't lose power, I need my AC!!

Hope you're staying cool today!



Love Saturdays!

Aren't Saturdays the greatest!  I woke up REALLY early today, scrapbooked a LO of my niece, & then made blueberry scones.  Yum!  Here's the LO I did...hopefully I'll have time to do more today.

Epblo_adorable Click on them to make them bigger if you need to.



Guess where I went today.... Scrapbook Oasis!!!!  Yep, isn't that great!  My DH was going racing at Dromo 1 and so I thought that would be a great opportunity to visit Oasis again since I hadn't been down there since CKU in June.  I got a lot of great NEW stuff & I can't wait to play.

Albkdesdetail Also, the Designing With Details book I won from Robyn came in the mail....yippee!  Whatta fun day!!


TY & other stuff

Just wanted to thank all of you who emailed me to see how I was since I haven't been online much this week & my last post was on earthquakes.  Sorry if I worried any of you worry-warts!  I'm doing good & my house is straightend up from the earthquakes...I'm still behind on laundry, but that's a given isn't it, LOL.

Here's a card I made after church this afternoon for my BIL's Bday.Epbcard_stippledshells  I did the "cracked glass" technique on it & got this card idea from "lesliespringer" at Splitcoast Stampers....thanks Leslie!

Well, I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!!  I'm off to a BBQ at my in-laws.