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Happy Saturday

Hope you're having a great Saturday.

Last night I got together to scrapbook with the CKU girl that were not on vacation, stuck in traffic, or working.  I was either super productive or I didn't bring enough stuff to work on so I got to look through the new Sept issue of CK.  I do like the new format of having product reviews & the great ideas on how to SB the different hats we wear as women. (-And men to I guess!)

Well, I have been creating lately I just have really stunk about blogging about it.  Here's some stuff that I still had on my camera....

This is the Rusty Pickle mini-book I did for my Dad for Father's Day (that we didn't celebrate 'till July):

Here's the banner I made in my Year to Remember BPS class:

EpbbannerI had to hang it above the closet door that I keep my SB stuff in since I don't have any other place to put it while we are living here.  I should have really taken pix of it before I hung it up there....but oh well.

Well, I hope to play a lot today.  J is doing golf/brother stuff this afternoon.   :)



You're not gonna believe this, but I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen.  I made 3 lasagnas (1 is for tonight & the others are going in the freezer) & an apple pie.  The pie is baking right now & it smells so good that I want to have just that for dinner!  Yum! 

Been working on getting an 8 x 8 album made for a circle journal that some friends & I are doing.  I'm using my Bind it All & some Chatterbox paper for it.  It's turning out pretty cute!  I'll have to take pix of it when I get done.

Well, that's it for now....the kitchen timer just went off.


Remembering Martee & catching up

762007_70412_pm_1Yesterday I went to the funeral of a friend from BSF.  She had been fighting stage 4 lung cancer since December.  She is thankfully no longer in pain & is now in heaven.  After a loved one passes on it always causes me to reflect on while my DH was trying to go to sleep I was talking (& talking) about the different things that I see saw in Martee's life that I wish I had more of in mine.  I feel a SB page coming on.

Logo Ok, so I feel like I have a 100 things I want to or should blog about....first off, thanks to all of you who send emails, cards & phone calls to me on my Bday.  That was really sweet!  As I said previously, I spent the my Bday in Vegas (yes it was 7/7/07 & no I didn't gamble) with my family.  I stopped by Pebbles in my Pocket to check out the store & see if there was anything I had to have.  It's a cute little store.  They had some really great classes coming up....I especially loved the albums using archboards....I may have to barrow that idea!  All in all, a great day.

Now I have both the cat & my laptop trying to share my lap (and if you have seen my cat, you know she's not a little one!), so please ignore any typos.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things on the home front.  I have a couple of projects I'd like to do before the summer's over: de-clutter our home & do a MAJOR donation to Goodwill, get some meals stocked up in the freezer so when I get super busy again we wont starve, finish my Week in the Life album (only a couple LOs to go!), get the cars detailed, shampoo the carpet....ok, that's all I can think of right now, I have to keep working on this "list".

Well, it's 4am & I have some time to SB, so we will see what I actually end up doing...I am behind a bit Heidi's class at BPS, but surprisingly I'm caught up in Lisa C.'s.