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Sale & CKU to-do

522568291_7c04a97339_o_2 Just thought I'd let you digi (or hybrid) scrappers know that Traci is leaving Digi Chick & that all of her stuff is 50% off from 6/1 - 6/ you might want to check that out this weekend.  Also, her blog always has neat stuff (and frequent freebies), so if you haven't seen her style before go check it out.

Ok, on to CKU stuff....

I'm doing pretty good with completing all the stuff for the swaps I've signed up for & I'm almost done with putting together a final gift for my CKU Secret Sister.  I'll try to take pix of everything I make and post them once CKU is underway.  BTW, I CAN'T WAIT....only 13 more days!!  I'm gonna start packing!


I'm back...

Violet_1st_birthday_2 I'm back & I'm tired. 

We had another fun weekend in Vegas visiting with my brother's family & celebrating my niece's first birthday.

Hope you're weekend was great too!


Headed out

Ok, first off....the mouse is still alive....and in my kitchen.  The "rat guy" said that the traps (set up all over & under & around my kitchen) will catch it this weekend and that he'd be out on Monday to fill in all the holes so this won't happen again.  Thankfully I will not be home this weekend....I'll be in Las Vegas visiting my brother & his family & going to a wedding reception for my DH's brother (they were married in Dec. in Hawaii).  So my DH will have to deal with the mouse...which is good.

On another note, I'm going into scrapbooking withdrawls.  For weeks now I keep trying to get things done early in the week so I'll have a day or two to play, but it just never seems to work out.  I hate it.  Having so much work w/o play is making me grouchy....well, that & the mouse.



WE HAVE A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just ran into the living room from our bedroom.....I called the building maintenance & J and they are both on their way (hopefully with lights & sirens going).  I'm REALLY freaked out!!!



Holy cow, I am SO tired today.  It must be all the steps from yesterday combined with staying up too late last night.  I didn't get up 'till 9ish and the only reason I even woke up then was 'cuz our dog was woofing at me.  She has the cutest woof.  She starts off so quiet that no sound even comes out,  then if you don't respond she'll make a tiny little woof sound....and it escalates from there.  I must not of heard her at all, since she was at her full woof volume by the time I came to.  I had to have some coffee before I could even function at all.  So now it's almost 11:30 & I haven't done anything except drink coffee, read some Scripture, check my mail and blog.  The bed's not even made....& that's usually the 1st thing I do.  Hopefully I'll get something productive done laundry!