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January 2006


Well, I wanted to share this "funny" with you....enjoy! The top 10 things the Apostle Paul would have done if he had a PC: 10. Download MP3s of the Righteous Brothers for entertainment while on those long and tedious missionary journeys. 9. Visit about that persistent pain in his flesh. 8. Include virus protection software in his list of spiritual armor. 7. Proclaim, "To live is Christ, to die is to have a 28K modem." 6. Book boat tickets using 5. E-mail pictures of Peter eating pork to the gang back in Jerusalem. 4. Assign church officers: pastor, elder, deacon, system administrator. 3. Use decryption software to interpret tongues. 2. Describe conversion experience as the "Divine Reboot." 1. Add spam to list of cardinal sins. —Gary Cantwell (2002); submitted by Mike Herman, Glen Ellyn, Illinois


What I've been up to today...

Well, so far my year has had a lot of rain, football and laundry! When do these bowl games end???? -While J watches (and watches, and watches....) football I've been washing everything we own...ok, maybe not EVERYTHING we own, but it sure feels like it. It's nice to know though that all the bedding, rugs, towels, tablecloths, clothes, etc. will be clean soon and it will feel like a fresh start, especially if and when the sun ever comes out.


Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!! It's hard to believe that it's '06 already. It seems like we were all Y2K crazy a few weeks ago, LOL!

Wishing you all a blessed new year,