Merry Christmas!

What are you?

After reading George Barna's recent research on the term "Born Again Christian," I have to say I am a little shocked. -Why I don't know....I shouldn't be surprised by anything these days. It appears that many people who classify themselves as Born Again Christians do not fit the standard definition of it (belief that through Jesus Christ alone we can know God personally and spend eternity with Him in heaven by confessing our sins and trusting in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection as the only way of salvation and way to heaven). This will definitely change the way I talk with people about the Lord....I will not assume that because they use the "correct" terminology that they have truly accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Another surprise in his study was that out of those who are fit the true definition of Born Again, only half had prayed to God, read the Bible, and attended church in the last week! I do not want to be critical of those that didn't pray, read the Bible and go to church, but I am very worried for them. Those steps are critical to developing a close relationship with the Lord.