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What are you?

After reading George Barna's recent research on the term "Born Again Christian," I have to say I am a little shocked. -Why I don't know....I shouldn't be surprised by anything these days. It appears that many people who classify themselves as Born Again Christians do not fit the standard definition of it (belief that through Jesus Christ alone we can know God personally and spend eternity with Him in heaven by confessing our sins and trusting in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection as the only way of salvation and way to heaven). This will definitely change the way I talk with people about the Lord....I will not assume that because they use the "correct" terminology that they have truly accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Another surprise in his study was that out of those who are fit the true definition of Born Again, only half had prayed to God, read the Bible, and attended church in the last week! I do not want to be critical of those that didn't pray, read the Bible and go to church, but I am very worried for them. Those steps are critical to developing a close relationship with the Lord.



Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to my in-laws today. I made pumpkin pies and whole cranberry sauce to take over for the celebration. This was the first time I've used organic pumpkin in pies. It's not quite as orange as the non-organic pumpkin I usually use so they don't look quite the same, but I'm sure they will taste fine.

30 (my age) Things I'm thankful for:
in no particular order

1. God, and His promise of an eternal life with Him in heaven.
2. Family - especially my wonderful husband!
3. Friends - often they are family too! :)
4. Our church
5. Bible
Bible Study Fellowship
7. The basics (physiological needs - air, food, water; shelter; love) Oh, and I love bottled water!
8. Safety
9. Washing machine & iron - boy I'm sure glad I don't have to wash clothes the old fashioned way!
TiVo - BTW, if you ever buy a TiVo, please let them know I referred you ( Thanks!!
My pets
12. Computers & DSL internet - it truly is a small world now!
13. Our Gym - they have a great ladies only section!
14. Cell phones - what did we ever do without them???
15. Digital cameras (and regular ones too) - Isn't it great being able to capture memories!?
iPod - So I don't have to listen to the music the gym wants me to hear.
17. Vacations - we aren't able to have many, so when we get one it's a BIG blessing!
18. Weather - here in Southern CA it's great most of the year.
19. Freedom - wow, it's great to be an American woman!!
20. Books!!
21. My health this year - I have Lupus, but have been in remission - Praise the Lord!!
22. Our community
23. Automatic timers for our indoor lights - makes waking up early easier.
Trader Joe's and Whole Food's to buy fresh organic food from
25. Extra room for guests
26. My husband's business
27. Our vehicles - boy it would sure be difficult to have the lifestyle we do and not have reliable transportation.
28. My hair is VERY thankful for this one!!
29. Being a stay-at-home wife.
30. Blogs :)


The best part of waking up

Two interesting developments in the world of java. You've gotta check out this article....especially you coffee drinkers!! Warning, it's pretty gross! Ok, now the really sad news for us decaf drinkers. The American Heart Association just concluded that decaf coffee raises bad cholesterol. They only think it effects those who drink more then 4 cups of decaf coffee a day. -They suspect it's because decaf is a different type of bean. I definately don't drink that much decaf a day, in fact many days I don't drink any coffee...(LOL, I can hear some of you gasp!) and thankfully I don't have a history of high cholesterol because I can't drink regular coffee it makes my heart go crazy. It's a good, no make that a great thing that I love tea!


What is going on?

Ok, something is WRONG with this, LOL...which of course makes it the latest trend in holiday decorating! (Click here to see how this phenomenon got started...also an interesting side note, the author of this article apparently misquoted one of the "sources" in the article, Sheryl Karas, author of The Solstice Evergreen: The History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree. Click here to hear her response to his article.)

I'm all for creativity and fresh ideas, however in my opinion this tree just looks funny. However it would be nice to have the extra floor space. :)

I don't think that Christmas trees represent Christianity these days, so I don't think it is an out and out attack on Christians or their faith, however I'm sure some non-Christians will rejoice at this idea.

Ok, another side note, a great idea for a "Christian" Christmas tree is a "Jesus tree" decorate the tree with things from Jesus' life. For example: a packet of seeds - for the parable about the seeds falling on soil; fish - because He makes us fishers of men.