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September 2005

Our Anniversary

Well, our 5 year wedding anniversary was on the 28th. We had a lot of things scheduled that day, so we didn't really celebrate it on the appointed day. J did have some beautiful flowers delivered to me though! What a sweet hubbie!! -I'm so blessed to have such a great man in my life!!


Tips & Ideas

I don't know why, but in our sphere of creation, somehow I became the designated person to go to for tips on products, places to go, etc. I'm not really sure how, when or why this happened....but since it has, I'll share some ideas that I really have enjoyed (or NOT enjoyed if I feel I need to warn others).

So here's a great idea if you need a quick "chip & dip" idea:

These are the yummiest crackers!! They are flavorful and great with an artichoke - parmesan dip...or even just plain cream cheese. I first found these crackers at Trader Joe's, so look for them the next time you're there.


Get your Kleenex out....

I just read the story of a 6 year old boy who watched over 6 other children when they were separated from their parents after Katrina. Click here to read the story...but be warned you'll need some Kleenex!!


Happy Bday Mom!

Well, today is my MIL's birthday...she's 39 again, LOL! We got together with family after church today and had a little celebration. The cake my DH picked out was great! I haven't had cake in SO long!! -It went straight to my head though and I was on a sugar rush for awhile. I also found out that my CIL (cousin-in-law) got a job in VA with the FAA as an air traffic controller. She'll be moving to OK for training and then off to VA. We hope be able to visit with her again before she leaves.


Good evening

I'm beat tonight! I've been prepping my BSF stuff on and off through out the day. My brain feels like it's working over time, LOL. I keep thinking there must be something else I need to add to my To Do list. Sorry this is so short tonight, but it's all I can do. PS - My back is doing a little bit better. I have another appointment on Wednesday.