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September 2005

August 2005


Wow, how horrible the devistation from Hurricane Katrina. My heart just broke listening to one of the Mayors reporting what was happening in his area. The stress and heartache were evident on his face. I'm praying for those who have survived and are also heartbroken since everything they have is gone...possibly even those they care about. God says all things work together for good, but it's always hard in times like these for those involved to see the good, but one of my prayers is that the Lord will show them it.


A little something nice

Last Thursday when I was at the market I decided to get myself some flowers for my desk. Well I couldn't pass up these lilies! At the time only two blooms were open...but today three others popped! I'm blessed each time I see them, and chuckle to myself that there's actually people out there that think that life on earth happened by accident instead of created by a loving heavenly Father.