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Doodled Daily Gratitude

Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1

If you've been following along with how I decided to do The Documented Life Project this year...I'm calling it my Soul Journal...you've seen that I intended to use the monthly calendar section as a blessings and gratitude journal.

Here's how January turned out...
Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1

And here's how February is going so far...
Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1
Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1


Now I know that a lot of you are trying to squeeze in art into your busy schedule, this is a great way to do that! It doesn't take long and it really sets the day off right when I sit down and focus on what touched my heart yesterday.  I tend to work on this at the begining of my morning quiet time before the day gets started.  There's just something about sipping on coffee and opening your heart up that focuses me on what's really important for the day.


Surviving post CHA

I went to the CHA winter tradeshow last week and had a blast. I worked the ZIG-Kuretake booth and taught a doodling workshop...so fun!!! I also networked and did all the other fun CHA designer & blogger stuff. And, somewhere along the way I picked up germs and have been sick ever since.  :(


ZIG-Kuretake CHA-W 2013 Workshop
I actually remembered to snap a photo before my workshop started!



ZIG-Kuretake CHA-W 2013 Workshop
Part of the wall I colored in the booth - this flower was almost as big as my head.


Let me back up. First off, I drove home from CHA and of course it took twice as long since there was traffic, and then when I got there my husband was outside with our dogs. Our oldest dog, Granola...we call her Nola, was super lethargic and when I looked at her I knew something was wrong. Really wrong. The right side of her face was sagging and drooling and her neck was swollen with a mass it. Of course since it was after hours we had to go to our emergency vet (our animals never have emergencies at normal business hours!)...where we spent hours having her tested, x-rayed, ect.  Fun times. Long story short, she stayed there two nights and ended up having surgery on the second day to remove the mass on her neck, a small mass on her knee, and one on her eyelid that we were scheduled to remove the next week.  

She now looks like Frankenstein. I'll definitely spare you the photos, but trust me it's NOT pretty...but she feels a lot better. And surprisingly all the staples and stitches don't seem to be bothering her (yet). And even better, the vet called and said that the pathology came back and everything was benign. The one on her neck had abscessed, but they were able to remove all of it, so they don't suspect it will cause her problems in the future. Thank the Lord too, since the whole shebang was a pretty penny! My Hubs now says she's an actual Golden Retriever, meaning she's made out of gold! LOL.

In more dog news, our puppy Willow just turned 5 months old.  She's the best puppy! Very obedient and fun to have around. She's  quirky though...she keeps turning her beds inside out so that she sleeps on the smooth side instead of the "fur". She does it with the pad in her crate too. So weird, but I've stopped trying to fix it!


Willow Dog 5 months
Willow, 5 months old.   -   Why she keeps flipping her bed inside out I don't know. She also has bigger beds to sleep on, but likes this one!

Hope all is well with you!  I have a lot of exciting things coming up blog wise so make sure you either follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with everything.

Also, in case you missed the announcements, 21 Secrets of Art Journaling 2013 is now open for registration!  Join myself and 20 other amazing teachers for these workshops for the low price of just $59...it's really a steal!!!! Click here for more info.



Doodling Until You Run Out Of Room

Sometimes you just have to get all of your doodling out.  :)

Erin Bassett - ZIG - Art Journal Doodeling 4
I did this page in my art journal for the ZIG blog. I love black and white.  :)  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with doodling mandalas...you just start with a dot on the page & move out from there.  For this page I ended up having multiple starting dots, but I just did one dot at a time until the mandala or flower felt done and then moved on to another starting dot.

Erin Bassett - ZIG - Art Journal Doodeling 3


A Birthday Badge For the Birthday Girl!

Erin Bassett - Birthday Badge

My eldest niece is going to be turning 6 soon...and of course since she's super excited so I made her this birthday badge using Lifestyle Crafts Fancy Envelope Tab dies, Antique Doily die, and Nesting Circles die.  

I created the number 6 with my Silhouette Studio Software and cut it out with my Cameo...here's the Silhouette cut file. {enjoy!!}  I then ran it through my Epic Six it with a ProvoCraft Polka Dots embossing folder...did you know that most brands of embossing folders and dies work in it?  Next, I used the Zig Emboss pen on each of the polka dots and then sprinkled clear embossing powder over it and embossed it with my heat gun.  At that point I really liked how it looked....but I knew my niece would want some sparkle on it!  So I dug out my Stickles, which changed the color of the paper a bit, but I am ok with it.  ;)

Erin Bassett - Birthday Badge - CloseUp2

And lastly I just distressed the circle diecut and added some stitching around just about everything.  Oh and by the way, all those cute papers are Margie's Vintage Marketplace papers...love!!

Erin Bassett - Birthday Badge - CloseUp1
Sponsor: Lifestyle Crafts, Zig, ProvoCraft


Hoot! Wise Owl Mixed Media Project

I'm excited to share my first Basically Bare project with you guys!  It's this little owl...

BLOG - Erin Bassett - Owl Wall Decor

I used the owl Stack-a-Bellies to make it, you can read about how I did it here on the Basically Bare Blog...I'd love if you could leave a comment over there too!

Here's some close-ups:

BLOG - Erin Bassett - Owl Wall Decor - CloseUp1

I used a Zig pen to draw the faux stitching on the embroidery hoop and make the little "wise" tag.  Thank goodness my girlfriend helped me figure out what word to put on it!!
BLOG - Erin Bassett - Owl Wall Decor - CloseUp3
BLOG - Erin Bassett - Owl Wall Decor - CloseUp3
You recognise that heart?  Yep, it's this one!  I almost used it on the necklace.  Oh and that safety pin...well it used to be silver...I painted it with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze.  It took two coats, here's how the first coat looked:

BLOG - Erin Bassett - Owl Wall Decor - Tattered Angels safety pinsSo, as you can see I'm still liking owls.  :)


Another Doodle!




I spent my day babysitting my niece and nephew today and during nap time I doodled this:


Erin Bassett - Doodle


I used a ZIG Millennium pen, a Zig water-brush, and Koi watercolors...I may add some shading or a boarder later, but for now I'm happy with it.  :)



Guess what?  Registaration is NOW OPEN for True Scrap 3!!!!

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Sponsors: Kuretake/Zig & True Scrap3



More Doodling


Doodle Main

I spent my down time this weekend doing some more doodling in an art journal...



Doodle 4


Doodle 4


Doodle 4


Doodle 4


For all of the pages I used my favorite black pens, the Zig Millennium and PITT pens...and then, for the ones with color, I painted them with Koi watercolors.


And I guess doodling takes a lot out of a girl since I'm sick today.  :(




 Sponsor: Kuretake/ZIG, Faber-Castell





Inspired Doodling

I've been doodling and doodling...


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black Pens: Zig & Faber-Castell; Watercolor pencils: Faber-Castell


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black pens: Zig & Faber-Castell


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black Pens: Zig & Faber-Castell; Watercolor pencils: Faber-Castell; Colored Markers - Zig


Erin Bassett - Doodle Letters 1
Supplies: Black Pens: Zig & Faber-Castell

It's been fun to get back into doing lettering!  Thanks Joanne for the inspirational class!  -You know what? I love to take art classes...I think of it like when I was teaching kids and we had to take continuing education hours each year.  -People need to hone their skills!  Artists need to hone their skills!  Even in "subjects" you know a lot about it's great to see how other people create...and in "new subjects" it's of course great to see how it's done!

Speaking of classes, if you've taken True Scrap classes previously look for your alumni email for the upcoming True Scrap 3 where you lucky ducks get to enroll at a very special price...you should get an email from Lain by 2/15.  Want a peek at what to expect?  Check it out here.  If you're new to True Scrap you can sign up to get on the mailing list here so that you will be informed of the latest news AND will receive a special offer!  It's going to be so much fun, you won't want to miss it!

I will be teaching again at True Scrap 3 and will be sharing more about my mixed media home decor class in the upcoming weeks....and sneak peeks at the projects as well.  Can't wait!!


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Handmade Valentine's Pillow

Handwriting on stuff is very trendy these days.  If you look on Pinterest there's a ton of tutorials on how people have made everything from scarves to home decor items with messy handwriting one them.  Often it's black lettering on a white background, but sometimes it's reversed like on my sunglass case.  -Which I wish I could write like.  ;)


Kensie Eyeware Case

So I went with that idea and wrote my own paraphrased version of 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 over, and over, and over again with a ZIG Textile Fabric Marker on to a white piece of fabric.

Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp2


The easiest way I found to write on fabric is to actually pin it to my ironing board so that it doesn't wrinkle or move when I'm writing. 

Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp3
Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp5


When I was finished writing I ironed it so that the ink would be permenantly set into the fabric.  Then I added a heart shaped piece of fabric to it and sewed it and a plain white piece of fabric into a pillow.

Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow - CloseUp1

And here's how it turned out!


Erin Bassett - Love Is - Pillow

Pin It



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Re-Art Journaling

I've said it before, but one of the things that I love best about mixed media and art journaling is that you can re-do it.  For me it's not that the original was a "mistake"...it's more that I'm just not in love with it the way it is...and sometimes it's that I just had to play with it some more and it morphed into a completely different piece.

For instance...here's the original page.

Erin Bassett - Life Journal - January - Doodle1

One night I just felt like coloring so I did one of Stephanie's doodles while I was watching some TV & relaxing.  I only grabbed a few colors of markers and was too lazy to get up so I just used what I had. It's fine...just kinda plain...it needs some paint & washi tape & more doodling!

So here's the finished page.  I gesso'd over some of it lightly, added some washi tape, and then doodled over it with my ZIG Millennium pen .

Erin Bassett - Life Journal - January - Doodle1

I'm liking it...it's more "me," and that makes me happy.  :)


Sponsor: Kuretake/Zig