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Playing with ScanNCut2

One of my favorite things I got to do this past year was go to the Brother's USA offices for a craft day to check out the new ScanNCut2 machine!

Brother USA


Messy craft desk

The ScanNCut2 has some great new upgrades...

  • Enhanced scanning - RGB Color recognition makes it easier to scan low contrasting color patterns and you are now able to scan up to 24"
  • Larger LCD display screen - it's 30% larger than prior models at 4.85" wide
  • Computer Connectivity - has two USB ports 
  • Wireless Network Ready - (my favorite upgrade!!) You can now transfer cut files wirelessly
  • and more!


After getting walked through all the new updates and changes on the new machine we got to work playing with them. I was really excited to try out the new Stamp Kit and see how the improved scanner worked.

Brother Designer's Craft Together
   Photo credit: Tina Zhen             

Ok, so for my project, I broke out my Plaid Fabric Creations Wood Block Printing Stamps, stamped each of the images I was going to use onto white paper and then scanned them into the machine and then had it cut out each of the designs so that I'd have a background stamp to use under the block print stamps.
DIY Bag using ScanNCut stamp kit + Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps

Next I used a sponge to pounce the fabric paint onto the background stamp I created and stamped it onto my fabric.
DIY Bag using ScanNCut stamp kit + Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps

After it dried I used the block printing stamp to stamp over the background stamp...I just eyeballed it and wasn't too concerned if it didn't line up exactly perfect.
DIY Bag using ScanNCut stamp kit + Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps 

I kept going until the whole thing was complete. DIY Bag using ScanNCut stamp kit + Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps

I'm totally loving this project!
DIY Bag using ScanNCut stamp kit + Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps

And my colorful trash.  ;)
colorful trash

And, if you're wondering what the end of the day looks like at Brother...
Brother Mugs


Did you get a new ScanNCut2 for the holidays? How's it going? What have you made?



Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant and has received  products from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy from these links it won't cost you a penny more but Erin will make a little bit of money (not enough for a pony). 


Truth Scrap...THIS Saturday 1/31/15


Have you been:

  • wanting to learn more about Bible journaling, faith-based art journaling, and spirit-filled scrapooking, mixed media, and more?
  • longing to grow closer to God?
  • needing to learn how to share your art AND your art more boldly?
  • desiring a more colorful faith walk?
  • aching to be bolder in your self-expression, eliminating doubt and fear from your art?

 Then we would LOVE to have you at our online event this Saturday... TRUTH SCRAP.


Truth Scrap blends the best of live events with online education. With tons of opportunity to connect, learn, and grow, there is NO BETTER way to spend Saturday, January 31.


Without leaving the comfort of your home, you'll be treated to seven hours of faith-based classes by seven amazing, talented instructors and produced by Lain Ehmann:


  • Stephanie Ackerman, “Hope Notes: Creating and Sharing Messages of Faith”
  • Erin Bassett (that's me!), “Faithbooking: How (and Why) to Share Your Faith in Your Scrapbook”
  • Andrea Chebeleu, “Words to Live By: A Handmade Art Journal”
  • Heather Greenwood, “#ARTWORSHIP: Art Journaling in Response to Jesus”
  • Liz Hicks, “The Art of Being HUMAN: A Creative Exploration of Our Basic Being and Purpose”
  • Shanna Noel, “Illuminated Manuscripts: Illustrating Your Journaling Bible”
  • Donna Salazar, “Cross-ology: Art and Heart for the Home”


You'll watch these classes in our state-of-the-art webroom, interacting with the students and teachers, learning and laughing.


Not only will you leave with inspiration to last throughout the year, you'll get some valuable parting gifts:

  • FULL REPLAYS of all classes are included in your registration! You'll be able to watch again and again, as many times as you like.
  • PRIZES, PRIZES! We have a variety of drool-worthy prizes you can win.
  • BONUSES! Each instructor has created an exclusive handout (think cut files, Bible verses, and more!).
  • 10 percent of your registration fee goes to a faith-based non-profit!


Because our goal is to share this event with as many crafters and artists as possible, we are rolling back the price on Truth Scrap for 36 hours ONLY. Until Noon on Monday, January 26, you can save $40 off your registration fee with coupon code “MIRACLE” at checkout!


Head over to the registration page HERE and learn more about this one-of-a-kind event! You have until Noon on Monday to join over 300 other scrapbookers, artists, crafters, and seekers at the first ever Truth Scrap. We can't wait to meet you!



How to create stencils & a fun mini art journal!

As a mixed media artist I love stencils...and I really love to create my own! They are great to use in art journals and on other crafty projects too. Today I'm going to share how I created one of the stencils I used on this mini art journal.


Follow along with each of the steps in this short video:


Supplies Needed:

  • ScanNCut machine and accessories
  • USB flash drive (see the compatible ones HERE)
  • Stencil material
  • 11" x 15" watercolor paper
  • acrylic paint
  • markers and pens
  • letter stamps
  • old book paper
  • patterned paper
  • sewing machine and thread
  • any other embellishments you want to use
  • Download the FREE cut file for this stencil HERE.


!BLOG title2

Step 1 - Create your own artwork. This can be hand drawn like I used for this project or you can use computer generated.

BLOG create_artwork BLOG artwork for stencils

Step 2 - Scan the artwork into the ScanNCut using the "Scan To Cut Data" option.

BLOG scan artwork

Step 3 - Cut out the stencil. (Download the FREE cut file for this stencil HERE.)

Cut stencil

Step 4 - Paint the water color paper using the stencils you created.

BLOG paint
BLOG paint

Step 5 - To fold and assemble the art journal, fold the paper as shown below.



Next, fold it in half and cut only on the red dash line.


Refold longwise. Holding each end, push to the middle to open up where you made the cut.


Continue to push it all the way together and then fold the left edge over to create the cover. Use adhesive to glue together the individual pages.



Step 6 - Embellish.  I jazzed up my book with bits of old book paper, bold patterned paper, some messy stitching with my sewing machine, and of course a good deal of doodling.


 I added some of my favorite art quotes to the journal to finish it off.


Sponsor: Brother International

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product. 


Art Journaling: Together In Life

I'm waaaaaayyyy behind on posting my art journal pages here on my blog, so instead of going back to the older ones, here's one I did the other day...

Art Journal - Together1 - Erin Bassett

Sometimes life is life with people gets complicated! Boy, I could totally relate the other night to the "spinster" in the book I had been reading who lives a simple life way out in the boondocks since at that moment in time I thought about how nice it would be to be her and not have to compromise on decisions with my Husband or have to deal with all the stuff I have on my plate right now. But that's not real life for me. In real life I choose to deal with it and live in a family in good times and bad.

After dealing with all that STUFF and getting a chance to talk with my Husband, I decided to clear a path on my workbench so I could art a little bit. Art is therapy! And this is the page I came up with.

Here's some close-ups...
Art Journal - Together1 - Erin Bassett
Art Journal - Together1 - Erin Bassett
Art Journal - Together1 - Erin BassettI used Stencil Girl stencils from May's kit on it along with my favorite DecoArts Americana paint colors (Desert Turquoise, Ice Blue, Hauser Dark Green, Houser Medium Green, Houser Light Green, Golden Straw, Pumpkin, Melon, Black), a bunch of scrap papers and even map pages from an old Thomas Guide map book. All the black outlines were done with a charcoal pencil and smudged out with water.


Sponsor: DecoArt


Art Journaling: Where there is love...

Art Journal Swap February 2014 - Erin Bassett

Here's the art journal pages I finished yesterday for another swap.  I really like this one and wish it was in my own journal LOL!

I took a couple of "in progress" photos while things were drying so you could see the layers.  Here's the fist layer...collaged papers...
Art Journal Swap February 2014 - Erin Bassett


Then I added some dripage and marks....
Art Journal Swap February 2014 - Erin Bassett


And then stuck a bird on it....
Art Journal Swap February 2014 - Erin Bassett


Ok, two birds.  ;)
Art Journal Swap February 2014 - Erin Bassett


And stamped out a great saying...

Art Journal Swap February 2014 - Erin Bassett
DecoArt Americana paint colors used: Kelly Green, Desert Turquoise, Golden Straw, Pumpkin, Vivid Violet, Ice Blue, Melon, Dioxazine Purple, Razzleberry, Snow White, Cinnamon Drop, Yellow Green.


Enjoy your weekend!


sponsor: DecoArt


Mixed Media Post Card Swap

I love a good stencil, so I've been adding a few Stencil Girl ones to my collection with their monthly kits.  (disclaimer: I'm just a happy customer, they didn't pay me to write this blog post.) I used the 9" x 12" peacock stencil from the January 2014 kit for these postcards I made for a postcard swap. 

Erin Bassett Post Card Swap 1


(disclaimer: I'm just a happy customer, they didn't pay me to write this blog post.)

Here's a close-up of it...

For the swap we needed to have a 6 word sentence that's a life memoir on it, so this was mine.
Erin Bassett Post Card Swap 1

I used Golden's fluid acrylic in Iridescent Silver Fine with the stencil...the paint is pretty light unless you get it in the right light and then it shines.  I love it!  The background was done with my gelli plate and some DecoArts paints in Pink Bubblegum, Cinnamon Drop, Razzle Berry.  I also finished the pieces off with my Faber Castell Big Brush Pens...I even used the black one for stamping since my regular black stamp pad is too dried out. 
Erin Bassett Post Card Swap 1


Ok, no more pink & hearts for a bit LOL!  I got a little crazy about that this Valentine's season.  ;)


Sponsors: DecoArts, Faber Castell


Handmade Gelli Print Valentines Using the ScanNCut

Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut Cards

For Valentine's Day this year I thought it would be fun to make some Valentine Inspired Gelli Print papers to use in handmade cards.  Here's the finished results...
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut Cards

Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut Cards
Supplies: Gelli Plate; Brayer, Paint used: DecoArt Americana - Titanium White, Pink Bubblegum, Cinnamon Drop, Razzle Berry; Golden - Quinacridone Magenta


 I used my ScanNCut™ to create the create it I just took the heart shape, duplicated it, and then overlapped them slightly where the card's spine would be.  Next I scanned in my gelli printed paper so that I could line up the cards and the painted part of the paper I wanted to use.

Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut

Here's how it looked when it was cut out...
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut
Next, I just added some embellishments...
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut Cards
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut Cards
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art 4b
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art 4b
Quick and Easy AND cute!  So easy that kids could even do it!
Erin Bassett - Valentine Gelli Plate Art ScanNCut Cards




Sponsors: Brother International, DecoArt, Faber-Castel

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.


CHA 2014

Ahhhh. It's that time of year again...the time when all the arts and craft manufactures unveil all their new products for the year at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show.

CHA2014 Trade ShowThis year I'm working in the Brother booth (#663) demoing the ScanNCut machine...stop by and say hi if you're there or for those of you at home who want to see the machine in action, check out my YouTube videos or some of my ScanNCut projects blogged about so far...and as always, if you have any questions about the machine, CHA, or crafty things feel free to ask!

CHA2014 Trade Show - ScanNCut diecut machine ScanNCut Erin Bassett



Happy New Year! Time for a new Art Journal!

Happy New Year friends!

Daily Art Journal - 2014

2014! Can you believe it!!! It seems like yesterday was Y2K, LOL, and yet here we are. Well, with the start of the new year comes about a million different crafty, scrapbooking, or mixed media ideas and classes and I've heard a lot of great things about The Documented Life project, and I love all the things I've seen people do so far, but the "problem" with it for me is that I already scrapbook Project Life and I keep my calendars and to-do lists digitally so, for me, it doesn't really have a place.  BUT, like any great idea, I've altered it! I decided to grab a big 8.5" x 11"ish calendar book instead of a moleskin and use that. And instead of recording my to-do's, schedule, and appointments I'm recording my gratitude, blessings, and notes from my quiet time with God. 

I made a quick video on how it will work...


Here's what I have finished so far...

Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1

In the monthly calendar section I'll record my daily gratitude.
Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1

And add some doodling and artsy stuff as the month goes on.  Here's just a start of what I have...
Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1


Each month has a "notes" section that I'll journal something in.  Here's this month's...
Daily Art Journal - Gratitude1


My One Little Word for this year is "joy" in the good and the bad through my relationship with Jesus.

Daily Art Journal - 2014 One Litte Word
I will post photos of how this project/my life is going through out the year.  I think I'll label them "soul journal" so you can click over ---------> there in the categories and find it if you need to.



Guess who I'm guest designing for????

Hey guess what Faber-Castell Lovers!  I'm so thrilled to be part of the guest design team and sharing a new project with you today on their blog!

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Rejoice Sign 9


I've been hoarding a few of these awesome little frames from Ikea for about a year now and finally I've gotten around to using one for some inspiration around my's the tutorial on how I used the Stamper’s Big Brush PensPITT® Artist Pens, some Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils, and Unity Stamp Co rubber stamps to make this project.


Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Rejoice Sign 5

Erin Bassett - Faber-Castell - Rejoice Sign 5


Supplies: Green & Yellow Mixed Media Aquarelles and Ink setsArt GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils: 147, 124, 126, 123; PITT® Artist Pens: Pink Carmine 127; Stamper’s Big Brush Pen: Black 199; White Cardstock - Stampin Up!; Frame - Ikea; Stamps - Unity Stamp Co.