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Make Your Own Planner Stickers! #ScanNCut

Planner Stickers

Old school traditional planners are all the rage these day, are you using one?  While I’m a digi-calendar girl for my appointments I do like to keep track of other things on paper and having is neatly organized in a pretty planner has been a great way to do it.

As I’ve been working in my planner I’ve wanted to incorporate my own stickers so I whipped up some so I can print them and then use my ScanNCut to cut them out.  I love how I can have my ScanNCut cut .04” away from the edge of the designs so that it really looks like a sticker!

You can download the sticker design I made here.





Watch video instructions HERE


  1. Print out the sticker design onto the white sticker paper and allow the ink to dry. Be sure to use a sticker paper that is compatible with your printer. Step 1
  2. Place the printed-on sticker paper onto a low tack or middle tack ScanNCut mat and load it into the machine. Step2
  3. Choose “Scan,” then press “Direct Cut,” and then select which device you want the scanned image to be converted on…I used my ScanNCut. Step 3
  4. Choose the color recognition mode and press the “start” button. Step 4
  5. Once the scan is complete use the handles to frame the design and press “ok.” Step 5
  6. After it processes the design choose how much of a boarder you want around each sticker by making changes under the “Seam Allowance/Outline” button. I choose a boarder of 0.04.”  When finished press “ok.” Step 6
  7. Make sure your cutting blade is set so that it only cuts through the sticker paper and not through the sticker paper’s backing. I used a blade depth of 3.5, but yours may be different depending on the difference in our blades use. Step 7

When ready, press “cut” and then press the “start” button to begin cutting. Step 7b

  1. When cutting is complete unload the cutting mat and remove the sticker paper from it. Your stickers are now ready to use! Step 8


Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant and has received  products from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

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The Art of Bible Journaling

It's so exciting to see my book making it's way to your homes. Thank you everyone that has posted, texted, and called me about it, I appreciate your support! My prayer is that this book will draw you closer to the Lord and break down any of those "I'm just not creative" ideas rolling around in a lot of our heads. (If you haven't got a copy yet you can pick one up here on Amazon:, Barnes and Nobel and other retailers.)




We've had such a busy week with Vacation Bible School and visiting with family that I was completely surprised by receiving an advanced copy of the book I wrote during November and December last year.



I was super excited to show my Grandma it when it arrived since I had dedicated the book to her.  She was the person in my young life that was crafty and creative and she took the time to share that with me.  -Thank you Grandma!


I'm so excited to share more about the book as the launch date draws closer, but in the meanwhile you can see more about it on Amazon:



Mixed Media Home Decor: Heart Frame

Confession time. We moved into our current home about 2 years ago and I've been so busy since then that I haven't really began to decorate until recently. (To make matters worse, I actually just unpacked a box that had been sitting in my office this whole time too, LOL!) In our family room we have a bunch of family photos up on the wall mixed with a few small pieces of artwork, but we had a little spot still left open that had been driving me nuts this whole time so I decided it was time to finally make something that would go there...and coincidentally I got an assignment from Faber Castell to play with some of their new stencils and create a video for them (you can watch that video here).

EB heart - home sweet homeSo here's how I created this can follow the step-by-step directions below, or check out this video:





1. Take your piece of Sticky Back Canvas and collage whatever type of ephemera you are using onto it using gel medium.

1- Home Sweet Home2.  Apply various colors of acrylic paint to your canvas to create a background.
1- Home Sweet Home
3. First stencil layer: Using this pattern from the 102 Collection of Stencils, take a baby wipe and remove the acrylic paint that shows through the stencil to create a pattern.

Another confession, I never clean my stencils so I had some orange spray mist on there that transferred onto my canvas...a cool serendipitous art moment!
1- Home Sweet Home
Second stencil layer: Using this stencil from the 102 Collection of stencils, continue to remove paint using a baby wipe.
1- Home Sweet HomeThird stencil layer: Using a make-up sponge apply various acrylic paints from the same color family over this stencil from the Doodle Collection of stencils.
1- Home Sweet HomeFourth stencil layer: Using a baby wipe apply white acrylic paint to this stencil from the Doodle Collection of stencils. 
1- Home Sweet HomeFifth stencil layer: Use this stencil from the 102 Collection of stencils to add another layer onto the canvas.
1- Home Sweet Home4. Use bubble wrap dipped in acrylic paint to add texture and patterns to the canvas.
1- Home Sweet HomeSixth stencil layer: Lastly, use this stencil from the Doodle Collection to add a final stenciled layer to the canvas.
1- Home Sweet Home5.  Add some brush strokes of acrylic paint to the canvas and then allow it to dry.
1- Home Sweet Home6. Once dry, use a charcoal pencil to create marks on the canvas and then use a wet paint brush over them to give them a painted look.
11- Home Sweet Home

7. Trace the heart pattern onto the backside of the canvas and cut it out.
1- Home Sweet HomeRemove the backing on the canvas and then insert it into the metal frame.
1- Home Sweet Home

8. Embellishing: Use a white pen to doodle onto the black chipboard letters and allow it to dry before adhering it to the canvas with double sided foam adhesive. On a scrap of white cardstock write "sweet home" and then cut it into a pennant shape and adhere it to the canvas with foam adhesive. Tie a ribbon through the whole so it can be hung up.

1- Home Sweet HomeAnd here's the final piece!

EB heart - home sweet home


Using Asphalt Texture Paste in Mixed Media Projects

FaberCastell Asphalt

I had so much fun trying out the new Asphalt Texture Paste from Faber-Castell.  It's a nice course, heavy weight paste that is opaque and dries with a matte finish. Here's a video I whipped up showing me testing it out on various materials:


I love testing out new products on Project Life sized cards (3" x 4") since I can then use them in my albums or just punch a hole in them and put them on a ring to reference when I need ideas.  Here's the ways I tested the Asphalt Texture Paste:

I used it on a transparency with a stencil....

FaberCastell AsphaltOn wood veneer with Texture cards.... 
FaberCastell AsphaltOn textured cardstock using a pallet knife...
FaberCastell AsphaltOn canvas using a stencil and etching in a heart with a paper piercer...
FaberCastell Asphalt

On chipboard with a stencil and then stamping a lid into it to create rings...
FaberCastell Asphalt


Go try it out on your projects, it's fun!!


Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant and has received  products from Faber-Castell  to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy from these links it won't cost you a penny more but Erin will make a little bit of money (not enough for a pony).