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Spring Garden Flag Tutorial

Hippity hop! Spring is right around the corner!

ScanNCut Bunny Flag Title 2

I'm so glad I'm sharing this cute garden flag with you, because to create it you need to do a couple of ScanNCut techniques that I get emailed the most about: importing SVG files and cutting burlap. So if you're curious on how to do those things and how to make this flag then check out this video or follow along with the instructions below.



 Supplies Needed:




Step 1 – Importing .svg files

Open ScanNCutCanvas and then click on the SVG button.

  Screenshot 1

Choose your .svg file, and then click “ok”.

  Screenshot 2


And there's your bunny! 

Screenshot 3


Now just like other shapes you can resizes her by first selecting her, and then dragging out the handles. If you hold down the “shift” key while you drag it it will keep the same aspect ratio, and if you don't then when you drag it you can distort the ratio. So get your bunny resized how you like it...mine is about 8” wide by 10” tall.

  Screenshot 4


Step 2 – Saving the .fcm file

Type in a name for your file and then click the “download” button, then click on the name...in this case “bunny.fcm” and then direct it where to save the file (I recommend you save it to your flash drive so you can pop it into your ScanNCut and get cutting). And then click “close”.

  Screenshot 5


Step 3 – Cutting out burlap bunny

(settings: blade depth 7, cut speed 3, and cut pressure 9. Use the standard mat and place the burlap face up on the mat (fusible back down). Always perform a test cut. -My settings may vary from yours)


If you plan on ironing on your bunny onto your placemat then prepare your burlap by cutting it to size and then ironing on you iron-on fabric applique sheet and then smoothing it onto the standard mat.

ScanNCut Bunny - Burlap on Mat

Insert your flash drive into the ScanNCut, choose “patterns,” then “saved data,” then pick the USB symbol and scroll through the designs you have stored on your flash drive until you find the one you just created, click on it, and there you go!

  ScanNCut Bunny - SNC

You can now cut it out...click “ok,” then press “cut” and then “start”.


Step 4 – Removing the burlap bunny from the mat

You can now carefully remove the burlap bunny off of the mat. Because of the inconsistencies with burlap fabric you may come across a knot in the fabric that doesn't cut through all the way. If any points stick apply gentle pressure to separate it or use your scissors to trim it.

  ScanNCut Bunny - Remove from Mat


AsteriskTIP: Now your mat is probably really hairy! Remember to take an alcohol free baby wipe to it later to remove all that fuzz.


Step 5 - Creating fabric flowers

ScanNCut rip fabric

I like to rip fabric, there's something therapeutic in doing it! Take a strip of fabric about 1” - 2” wide and tie a knot in one end. Now place the short tail of the knot in your non-dominant hand and then start to twist and wrap the fabric around the knot using your glue to adhere it into place. Keep going around and around the flower allowing whatever side and edge of the fabric you want to show until your flower gets to be about the size you want and then snip off the end of the fabric. You can just glue the little remainder under the flower.

ScanNCut Bunny - flowers making1

  ScanNCut Bunny - flowers making

Now that it's done you can also glue down the tail now if you desire.


Step 6 – Ironing on & placing pieces onto the flag

Next you'll want to figure out where to place everything on your flag so you can iron it on. When I iron my bunny onto it I'm also going to iron down the top edge about an inch so I can create a sleeve for my garden flag holder to slide into.

Now as I was figuring out where I was putting everything I realized that I wanted a bit of green leaves on there too...so I cut out this design on some green fabric backed with a iron-on fabric applique sheet, it's a great design since I can just snip it in half and have two branches of leaves.

ScanNCut Bunny -Leaves

After I cut that out, I then ironed the bunny and the leaves onto the placemat. I also ironed that top edge under about an inch. Glue down just the edge of it so it forms that little sleeve for the garden flag holder to slip into.

  ScanNCut Bunny - fold placemat


Step 7 - Glue on the flowers!

Figure out where you want your flowers and then glue them on.

ScanNCut Bunny - flowers on

AsteriskA handy tip if you're using a crocheted placemat like mine is to place the paper backing from the iron-on fabric applique sheet under your design so the glue won't stick to your table top.


ScanNCut Bunny Flowers - Close Up

ScanNCut Bunny Flowers - Close Up


Now just slip your flag onto to your flag holder and you're done!  

ScanNCut Bunny Flowers - Close Up



Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.

Affiliate Links - Some of the links in the posts are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission...and it won't cost you a penny more. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Thanks for purchasing through these links, it keeps this blog up and running!




Scan N Cut: Wall Decor

BIC - Decor2

I'm not going to lie.  I LOVE how this turned out!!  {You can see the video tutorial of how I did it below, or click here.} This idea would make a great holiday gift too if you're looking for ideas!  I happened to find this dessert plate at a thrift store, but I've also seen them on eBay!



I used one of those vintage dessert pans, some scrapbook papers & transparencies, and the ScanNCut™ machine to make it, and believe it or not it's a pretty quick project to make since the machine does most of the work!

I started off by cutting out a bunch of different shapes of flowers out of all the papers, and then cut out some leaves out of the transparencies.  The Scan N Cut cut through it like butter!  

Once all my die-cuts were cut out I just layered each flower individually and stuck a brad through the center of it.  Then I just used foam adhesive to adhere it to the pan.

BIC - Decor2

Next, I cut out the corrugated paper with the Scan N Cut...once again easy cutting!  After it was cut out I scuffed & sanded it to distress it a bit.  I also hand-sewed around the edge of it.
BIC - Decor2I also cut out those letters with the Scan N Cut to spell out "home".  By cutting them twice in different papers I was able to give them a bit of a shadow.
BIC - Decor2

To see the tutorial on how I created this decor, watch this video:


disclosure: Brother International

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  (insert the sound of one of those crazy, loud party horns here)

Christmas 2012I hope you had a fantastic holiday time with your family and friends. We had a great time, busy, but not too busy to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas....Jesus' birth, our salvation, the love of our family and friends.

I've been crafting and baking away over the holidays, and since I'm a firm believer in taking time for my family, I've held off on blogging about every little detail here.  And frankly, I just needed a little break! If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, etc you probably have a pretty good idea of a lot of the things I've been up to anyway LOL.

I've also been crocheting a lot at night when we're just relaxing, or watching a movie...like Elf (one of my faves!!!)  I hope to get photos edited of those projects sooner or later and I'll post all about them here on my blog...and to tide you over here's a photo of my niece wearing her new hat I made her.  :)  She's adorable!

Kaela - Crochet Baby Hat with Flower
Here's the pattern I went off of for it.  I'm loving how it turned out and that I had the perfect button in my stash to add to the flower's center!  

 And here's how the hat looks off her precious little head.  

Crochet Baby Hat with Flower2
Crochet Baby Hat with Flower1

Lastly, before I go I wanted to share with you a few things I want you to know.

1. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!  It's truly fun to chat with you online and I always love whenever we meet up in person!  (So if you see me out and about say hi!!)

2. Just a reminder that the True Scrap 4 classes are now available individually!  So treat yourself!!  Speaking of classes, I'll be teaching a workshop at CHA this year, and also at 21 Secrets of Art Journaling 2013 online this next year!  So excited!!

3. If you letterpress...Lifestyle Crafts is having a 50% off sale!!  Use coupon code "ERIN" for an additional 20% off your order of anything on their site (even non-letterpress stuff)!!




A Bunch of Crafty Projects!

I'm so excited to share with you some really fun spring time projects I've been working on for Lifestyle Crafts.  {Remember you can save 20% off your order by using code "ERIN" at Lifestyle Crafts.}

First up is a card I made with my Letterpress.  I used some of the NEW Blossoms printing plates to letterpress a piece of A7 white cotton paper with the background print...using the hot pink ink of course.  :)  I then letterpressed a white mini card with one of the phrases that comes with this set.

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom - Card1

I love the rich texture that letterpressing gives!  It truly is in a class by itself!  :)

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom - Card1

Here's a close-up of how I raised up the top of my embellishment pile configuration.  I tend to do that a lot on my cards and scrapbook layouts.

Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom - Card1

Supplies: Letterpress; A7 Paper; Mini Tag; Ink; Blossoms Printing Plate Set; Patterned Paper - Basic Grey, Sassafras Las; Flowers - Prima; Cardstock - American Crafts; Button & Pin - MME; Stamp - Unity 10/2011 kit; Staples - Tim Holtz; Washi Tape - Hambly



I also made a quick and easy framed art piece.  I seriously think this took less then 10 minutes to do!  

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom - Frame1

I just die-cut the butterflies using the NEW butterfly die and my Epic 6  and then inked their edges, put them together, and topped them off with twine and buttons.  I then just grabbed an Ikea frame that I had and added a piece of patterned paper, a quote, and a bit of trim and put everything together. 

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom - Frame

Supplies: Frame - Ikea; Butterfly Die DR0296 - Lifestyle Crafts;  Patterned Paper - MME, American Crafts, Basic Grey; Quote - Authenique; Trim; Ink - Clear Snap



And lastly, I made this cute little milk carton that I'm going to fill with candy for a little Easter gift.

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom Milk 1

I used the milk carton die, the NEW spring flowers die, and the NEW bird die to make it...and I stole the little banner I used on a bird house project I did a while ago and added the bird to that.  I love it even more now!

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom Milk 6

To make the flowers I just took some cute coordinating patterned paper and die cut 12 flowers in order to make 6 flowers.

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom Milk - DIY2

And then I folded each of the flowers up on the perforation and hot glued two of them together and added a button to the center.  I also used bits of green trim for the leaves.

I used a white mini clothes pin to close up the milk carton so that way it will be refillable. 

 Erin Bassett - Lifestyle Crafts - Blossom Milk 4

Supplies: Milk Carton die, Spring Flowers die, Bird die - Lifestyle Crafts; Patterned Paper - MME, American Crafts; Banner - Imaginisce; Pin - Heidi Grace; Bling; Trim; Buttons;


You can check out more of the brand NEW spring release from Lifestyle Crafts HERE and on their blog.

Want 20% off your Lifestyle Crafts order????  Enter the coupon code "ERIN" at checkout!


Sponsor: Lifestyle Crafts






True Scrap 3

Registration has opened!!!

Sign up for 15 amazing classes (including my Mixed Media Home Accents class), 5 make and takes, and 1 incredible speaker!!  

For more info or to register click HERE!


{FYI: Each of the teachers is given an affiliate code for registration and get a percentage of the enrollment fee. So, of course, I would totally appreciate and love it if you would use this link if you're planning to register for True Scrap3.  :)  Thanks!}




Jewelry Making: Fall Broach

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you are able to focus on all the blessings in your life this week as you celebrate with friends and family.

Erin Bassett - itop Thanksgiving


Since I'd rather you be off relaxing and enjoying yourself, I'll keep this short. Here's a broach that I made out of a silk flower that is perfect for wearing at Thanksgiving. I just ripped out the center of the flower and then created a button out of burlap using my iTop 2.0 with the XL Button Daddies (don't forget you need the X-LG head to make that size button) and hot glued it in place. I then added tulle, twigs, and a chain (which, in real life, is more copper colored) to it and then glued a pin to the back.

If you need to see how to use the iTop 2.0 check out this video tutorial.

Super simple, yet cute!!

Now, go off an have some fun!



Sponsor: Imaginisce



After working on this layout I'm totally wanting to go back to Hawaii.  It's been too long since we've been there!

Erin Bassett - Zig - Quick Quotes - Reminisce - Island Escape

I was assigned this Reminisce line for one of my DT projects at Remember When and was happy to remember that I had these Quick Quotes Frosted Flourishes that I wanted to use on something sooner or later.  The flourishes are made out of a thin, frosted acrylic and have a couple of pieces of bling on them.  I knew I didn't want to leave them "as is" so I figured I'd doodle on them.  

I used my Zig Painty FX pen (1.5mm) pen on them...here's a short video of how I did it:



I needed to use the stickers for my assignment, so I decided I'd sew a border around each of them. I also used my Distrezz-It-All to distress the edges of each of the photos, and a healthy splattering of Glimmer Mist too.

Erin Bassett - Zig - Quick Quotes - Reminisce - Island Escape CloseUp1

For the flower, I took two of the large Prima paper flowers and painted them with various shades of pinks and orange Glimmer Mist...layered them & put a sticker in the center...and then sewed them together.


Sponsors: Kurtake/Zig, Quick Quotes, Remember When, Zutter



Scrapbooking embarrassing moments

Remember When is having a "Everything Tim, but him" crop coming up & so the design team has been busy creating store samples with his newest products.  Here's one of the ones I made: 

{click on photos to enlarge}

BLOG Erin Bassett - Tim Holtz - PJ's

I searched through my pics trying to figure out what I was going to do & came across the photo of my girlfriends & me at Inspiration Unlimited's pj night...we made matching jammies...which was a cute idea....until we actually put them on & had to walk through the casino.  -Embarrassing!!!  I'm sure we wound up on some type of what-not-to-wear website.

Here's some close-ups of the page...

BLOG Erin Bassett - Tim Holtz - PJ's - CloseUp1
BLOG Erin Bassett - Tim Holtz - PJ's - CloseUp1

I created the flower by gluing the light bulb to a circle scrap of paper...then taking a sheet of glassine paper and stamping on it with Stazon ink & this number stamp...then I crinkled it all up & tore it into circles (which I ended up tearing in half)...I then rubbed distress ink over them and used a paper towel to remove the excess (the ink will only color the torn or wrinkled areas).  I then just bunched up each "petal" and adhered it around the light bulb with my cordless hot glue gun.

I also glued the metal wings on so that they formed leaves for my flower....cute if I do say so myself.  ;)
BLOG Erin Bassett - Tim Holtz - PJ's - CloseUp1

Some other design note...I used my Cricut to cut out the brown background shape, my Distrezz-It-All to rough up my photo, my i-rock to add that adorable metal heart in the title (that's heart is Imaginisce too!), and of course my sewing machine for the stitches around the page.

Sponsor: Remember When, Imaginisce, ProvoCraft, Zutter


Fun with Fabric & an i-Rock!

I Rock Fabric LogoDid you check out the "Fun with Fabric" sneak peeks on the Imagince blog today?  I'm totally loving what all the designers came up with!! 

Here's what I made:  BLOG Erin Bassett - i-Rock Hat

I just picked up an inexpensive hat from Target and dressed it up a bit.  

I created the flower and put a pin on the back of it.  {Want to know how to make flowers like this???  -Here's my video tutorial.}

Next I put a tennis ball under the hat's bill and a i-Rock heat proof template on top of it...filled in the holes with bling and then used my i-Rock to set them in place.  Of course I had to hold the ball steady with one hand, but it wasn't that hard to do and use my other hand to do everything else.

I moved the ball and template around to finish up the blingy swirls and also added some bling to the center of my flower.

BLOG Erin Bassett - i-Rock Hat - closeup
Following along with today's blog hop and leaving comments at the blogs below to win an i-Rock bundle of goodness from Imaginisce.  Winner will be announced on the Imaginise blog on Friday.

Erin (you are here)


sponsor: Imaginisce


Scrapbook page: Bailey Dog

Do you remember that little puppy Bailey, my brother-in-law's dog?  Well she's all grown up now and the other day I snapped a photo of her and decided to scrapbook it.  I'm eventually going to create a "Dogs We Love" album with the layouts I've made of family and friends dogs.

BLOG Erin Bassett - Studio Calico Kit - BaileyAll the ingredients for this page with the exception of the Thickers that spell out her name are from a Studio Calico kit.  I accordion folded a the top strip of paper and then machine sewed it to my page.

BLOG Erin Bassett - Studio Calico Kit - Bailey - CloseUp2
Ribbon flower tip I created the ribbon flower by cutting two pieces of ribbon...on the first I did a gathering stitch along the bottom of the ribbon and then pulled it tight so that it formed a flower and then tied it off.  On the other ribbon I folded it almost in half and then did a gathering stitch along the fold, pulled it tight so it formed a flower and then tied it off.  I used Fabric Tac to glue the two flowers together and then topped off the center with a button & some bling.

BLOG Erin Bassett - Studio Calico Kit - Bailey - CloseUp1
The sketch for this layout is one of the ones for March from Simple Scrapper.  



Reminder: Enter here for your chance to win a spot at True Scrap

12 online classes, lots of make & takes, and scrappy fun!!



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Hero Arts Stamped Fabric Flowers (#CHAshow)

Erin Bassett - Hero Arts - 2011CHA Flowers1
I made a bunch of stamped fabric flower pins for Hero Arts to give away in their CHA booth this year.  You can jump over here to see how they looked once they got their final flag added to them and get the links to everyone else that helped make them.

It was pretty easy to make them...I created them like an assembly line: 

    -Fold the fabric in half with the wrong sides facing each other. and then stamp the fabric with the flowers.

    -Sew around the edge of the flowers leaving a little space between the stamped flower & the actual sewing.

    -Cut out the flower leaving about 1/4" space between the sewing and the cut edge of the flower.  Snip a little hole in the back of it and then stuff each petal with stuffing.

    -Hand sew a flower and button to the flower...I liked to cinch it pretty tight to give it some tufting.

    -Stamp a leaf onto green fabric, cut it out and glue it on the back of the flower.

    -Cut out some felt circles to back the flower (I used a die cut machine to do it since I was making so many.)  Glue the felt circle to the back of the flowers and then glue a pin to the felt.  (I used Fabric-tac ...my favorite fabric glue.) 

Erin Bassett - Hero Arts - 2011CHA Flowers - Ginger I really like this technique and used it to make my friend Ginger her own flower that I created out of wool felt (the real stuff, not the cheap acrylic felt that you find at the craft store). I topped her flower with a brad I made with my i-Top and a bit of bling that I attached with my i-Rock (which is on sale right now here ).


Sponsors: Hero Arts, Imaginisce