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Cutting Wool Felt With Your ScanNCut

Fall Wool Felt Applique Emberoidery Tutorial

Yay, fall is just about here and I'm excited to welcome in the cooler weather of my favorite time of year.  Autumn always reminds me of comfort and so when I was trying to think of a project to create that symbolizes all those warm, fuzzy, comfy things, I thought what could be better represent that then a wool felt applique project!



Here's a video of how it all come together:






Step 1 - Write "happy" onto a piece of scrap paper and then scan it into the ScanNCut using the "Scan To Cut Data" option and then save your design.

Fall Wool Felt Applique2

Step 2 -  Press the home button and then open up your design by going to "patterns" and then "saved data".  Unify the letters so you're able to move them anywhere on your screen.


Prepare your felt by ironing Heat N Bond onto the backside of it. Once your design is unified you can then apply your felt to the mat and scan it into the machine so you can line up your word "hello" exactly where you want it.

Wool Felt Applique step 2

Step 3 -
Insert the fabric pen into the pen holder and insert that into the ScanNCut. Use the "draw" option instead of "cut" to draw the design onto the felt.
Fall Wool Felt Applique2


Step 4 - Choose the designs and colors of felt that you want to use and then cut them out using the Deep Cut Blade on your ScanNCut. Make sure you do a test cut first to ensure you're cutting through the felt but not through your mat.  If your mat gets too much lint on it from the felt use a baby wipe to gently clean it off then allow it to dry and it will be good to continue using.
Fall Wool Felt Applique2


Step 5 - Iron your designs onto your felt (the one you wrote "hello" onto) and then have fun embroidering it!
Fall Wool Felt Applique2
Wool Felt Applique step 6

Happy scanning, cutting, and embroidering!


Disclosure: Erin is a paid consultant and has received  products from Brother ScanNCut to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely her own and based on her use of the products.

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Hoop Art

Erin Bassett - Hoop Exchange 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my posts about Emmy's Hoop Exchange fundraiser (#itsjustemmyhoopexchange) to raise the funds to adopt again.  Well my hoop is finished & headed off to it's new home!  I really hope my hoop-mate likes it!!! *fingers crossed*

Erin Bassett - Hoop Exchange 1I did some embroidery and added some beads and sequins to it as well.  I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Erin Bassett - Hoop Exchange CloseUp6

Erin Bassett - Hoop Exchange 1
Erin Bassett - Hoop Exchange 1

If you're bummed you missed this swap then no fear, Emmy is doing another one! This time it's a Garland Exchange...check it out HERE and help them add to their family!



Birds Of A Feather Canvas

BLOG Erin Bassett - BB - Pink Paislee - Birds Mixed Media CanvasYesterday my "Birds Of A Feather" mixed media canvas was featured on the Basically Bare blog.  It's a fun size one...12" x 6"!

I was thankful to partner up with Pink Paislee for this project.  They sent such great product for me to work with!!  And of course I used a bunch of awesome Basically Bare pieces on it as well!

Don’t you just love those little birdies? Each one is made of different Basically Bare materials….felt, chipboard, and acrylic.

This first bird was made with the chipboard bird....

BLOG Erin Bassett - BB - Pink Paislee - Birds Mixed Media Canvas


The second bird was made with an acrylic bird...
BLOG Erin Bassett - BB - Pink Paislee - Birds Mixed Media Canvas


And the last bird was made with a felt bird....
BLOG Erin Bassett - BB - Pink Paislee - Birds Mixed Media Canvas

I used my favorite little heart punch for the tree leaves and used some Faber Castell PITT Big Brush pens for the shading on the leaves and trunk.  I also took a canvas heart, embroidered my our initials on it and some edge stitching, and added that to the tree trunk. That’s my favorite part of this canvas!
BLOG Erin Bassett - BB - Pink Paislee - Birds Mixed Media CanvasI also frayed the heart edges…like I do on just about any fabric I get my hands on.  ;)  To keep it from fraying too much I like to put some Fray Check along the fray so it doesn’t get out of control.  Once it’s dry you can’t even see it.
BLOG Erin Bassett - BB - Pink Paislee - Birds Mixed Media Canvas

Stop by the Basically Bare blog to check out what some of the other designers made!


Sponsors: Basically Bare, Pink Paislee, Faber-Castell


DIY Embroidered Heart Necklace

I did this video for Imaginisce recently...check it out!


And here is one of the pieces of jewelry I made with the Magni-Top necklace for the video. It's my favorite piece of jewelry I did...and because it's magnetic I can just take it apart and put a new magnetic piece on! 

  Blog - Erin Bassett - Imaginisce Magnetic Necklace - Embroidered Heart

I started off by quickly tracing an Imaginisce Magnet Daddy onto my fabric with a Zig disappearing ink pen and then  I drew a heart into the center of the circle as you saw on this post.  Then I just cut it out leaving about a half an inch around the circle I drew and made a button out of it with my iTop.  Then I took some of the plastic washers that separate the magnets that come in the pack and wrapped the same variegated embroider floss around each of them that I used to embroider the heart...it's a good TV watching activity!  I just put the washers onto the chain along with the embroidered Magnet Daddy and I was done!

Blog - Erin Bassett - Imaginisce Magnetic Necklace - Embroidered Heart - CloseUp



The last of Crafty Book Week! (Enter to win a book!)

Crafty Book Week - erinbassettdotcomI'm so excited about today's books! I've been really drawn to embroidery lately and I have plans to do some projects this next year so these books have been both inspiring and helpful.


 Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery

HooplaCoverHippo_400px_webAs far as craft books go, this one is definitely unexpected! As the author describes, "[t]he unconventional embroiderers profiled in this book include conceptual artists, guerrilla stitchers, manbroiderers, a horror-movie fiend, a beatbox celebrity, young feminists, abstractionists, an attendee of the Royal School of Needlework, and even an anarchists or two."  So yeah, this isn't your typical embroidery book, it's a bit of a rebel.  Oh, and it's really big too (like 400 pages)!!!

This book covers the evolution of embroidery, tools & materials, stitches, free-form work, graphic design embroidery, finishing techniques, resources, and much, much more.  It has tons of projects in it with detailed instructions on how to recreate it and includes the patterns.  It's pretty amazing!  

 For more information about this book, or to purchase it check it out on Amazon here .




 Embroider Everything Workshop 



I love the way this book is set up.  While it's a hardcover book, it has a spiral binding so it lays flat which is great when you're trying to learn something out of a book.  Also, on the inside front cover is a pocket that contains all the patterns used in the book.  And it also has a fantastic practice stitch card in the center of the book that you can remove and practice on.  Love it!

This book contains so many awesome photos and graphics that it makes for very clear instructions.  Part one of the book teaches you how to do all the basics, part two shows you how to put those skills to work to create projects.  The projects are for beginners to advanced beginners.  It's a fantastic book for anyone who wants to learn to embroider.

For more information about this book, or to purchase it check it out on Amazon here


And now another giveaway!  

One copy of Hoopla:The Art of Unexpected Embroidery will be given away!

To enter to win Hoopla:The Art of Unexpected Embroidery....comment below and I'll randomly pull a winner for this book on Sunday, 12/4/2011 and the winner will be promptly emailed.  An alternate winner will be chosen if the winner does not respond to my email within 48 hours.  Open to USA residents only.

This post is now closed...winner announced here.

Holiday Wish List - erinbassettdotcom

Disclaimer: Arsenal Pulp Press is providing the prize for this promotion at no cost to me.  Prize fulfillment will be done by Arsenal Pulp Press I will provide them with the winner's name, postal address, and email address.  I received a review copy of these books from Workman Publishing and Arsenal Pulp Press.