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DIY Christmas Ornament (Faber-Castell Gelatos Color of the Week: Iced Currant)

Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

It's that time of year when holiday parties abound. What are you going to wear? Here's an easy ugly holiday sweatshirt you can whip up for that fun party!

 DIY Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt 2



ScanNCut Machine and Accessories


White Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl

Iron-On Fabric Adhesive



Pressing Cloth



Fabric Glue

FREE Cut-File




Watch this video or follow along with the instructions below:



Step 1 - In a photo editing program create the word art you want to use and save it as a .jpg file, or download the FREE cut file here.



Step 2 – Open up ScanNCutCanvas.

To trace the .jpg file you created, click on the “image tracing” icon, select the file, choose “color” and click “ok.”


To group all the letters and/or words, select all of them, click on “edit,” and then “group.” You can now move them easily anywhere you'd like on the screen.

Name your project if you're saving the file to your computer. If transferring the design wirelessly to your ScanNCut, click “ScanNCut Transfer” and then “close” and it will magically be waiting for you on your ScanNCut. If you've saved the downloaded free cut file onto your computer you can also transfer it wirelessly or save it to USB and then insert that into your computer.


Step 3 – Measure the space on your shirt to see what size you need your designs to be.

Step 4 – Apply the white flocked heat transfer vinyl to your cutting mat and insert it into the machine. Size your text to the correct size and add it to the mat. Add a test cut to the mat and then tell the machine to cut. It will perform the test cut first and then ask you to evaluate how it cut out. If no adjustments are needed proceed with cutting. If you do need adjustments, tell it to stop, make the adjustments and then perform another test cut before continuing on.

(Note: because the font I choose for “oh snap” is thick and I've overlapped the first letters of the words I can cut through all the layers of the heat applied vinyl without worrying if my letters will be distorted when I go to apply them to the shirt. If you are using another design you may want to only cut through the vinyl and not the sticky protective cover since it will help your transfer the design onto your shirt.)

After you're finished cutting out the text, unload the mat and remove the flocked vinyl. Press the home key on the ScanNCut.


Step 5 – Load the pre-installed gingerbread man (AR-1006) onto the screen and adjust the height and width to fit on your shirt.


Choose shape A to cut out just his outline and add it to the mat.

Prepare the fabric by adhering iron-on adhesive to the back of it with a hot iron. Remove the paper backing and place the fabric onto the mat with the adhesive side down.

Adjust your blade, pressure and speed before cutting it out. -Once again, performing a test cut is a good idea!



Cut out your gingerbread man. Remove the excess fabric from the mat. Press the home button.


Step 6 – Load the zig-zag pattern (BO-B004) from the pre-installed border patterns on your machine.

Scan in the cutting mat with the gingerbread man on it.

Resize and position your zig-zag to go across his body, like a broken cookie would be, and then cut it out. Unload your mat and remove the gingerbread man.




Step 7 – If you have space remaining on your left over fabric piece, apply it to your mat and load it back into the machine. Scan it in to reveal where you can position other gingerbread men, resize them if necessary and then cut them out.


Step 8 – Lay all of your cut pieces out onto your shirt, cover it with a pressing cloth and then iron them on.



Remember to peel off the protective sheet on the flocked vinyl after it's cooled off from being ironed on.



Step 9 – Embellish your shirt by gluing trim and buttons onto it with fabric glue.
DIY Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


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