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Art Journal Swap

I finished my June art journal swap pages just in the nick of time! Here they are...

Paint Used: DecoArt - Pumpkin, Cherry Red, Razzle Berry, Golden Straw, Dioxazine Purple, Desert Turquoise, Foliage Green; Golden - Chromium Oxide Green; Liquitex - Titanium White


Here's a close up...

FJSWAP - June 1Such a fun one to create! I love how it turned out too & I think I'll do a similar one of these in my own art journal (...which of course I'll film so you can see my process). Search the hashtag "FJSWAP" on Instagram to see all the journal pages we've swapped so far!  There are some awesome one...oh, and a whole lot of cool artsy envelopes too.  I unfortunately didn't jazz up my envelope this time, but I usually do.


Xmas In July Sale



Oh, and speaking of art journaling...did you know that you can get all 21 workshops at 21 Secrets of Art Journaling for only $49 during the Christmas in July sale???  Such an AWESOME deal!!  But it's only for July, so hurry!!






In other news, I've been busy, busy, busy working on some top secret stuff!  I'm hurrying to get it all done before my niece arrives next week so I can just live in the moment & have fun with her without work stuff hanging over my head.  I can't wait to share my news though, it's good stuff!!

Erin Bassett - Summer Hair Cut
Oh, and I got a MAJOR hair cut...it was actually a couple of weeks ago and I just never had the time to write about it here.  In my adult life I've never had short hair before and I wish I had done this sooner!!!  Why didn't all of my short-hair friends tell me how awesome it is to not spend so much time doing your hair???  Oh, AND, it's cute!!  Which was an answer to prayer, because my greatest fear was that it wouldn't be.

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