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Got Fabric Scraps? Look what you can make!

Erin Basset - Fabric Scrap Yarn1

I have a big basket of fabric's actually about ready to bust it's so full so I decided I needed to do something with some of it.  So first I grabbed some of my recently added fabrics and ripped them into 1/4" to 1/2" strips.  (I wasn't very precise.)  I then sewed together each of the strips randomly with a little zig zag stitch on my sewing machine until I had some fabric scrap "yarn".  (Once again, it wasn't precise...I just quickly did it not caring what it looked like.)


Erin Bassett - Fabric Scrap Yarn 2

While this photo shows the original cute ball of almost softball-sized "yarn" I made, I ended up having to make about twice as much for this project.

I then searched ravelry for a tutorial to get me started.  (Most of the time when I crochet from a tutorial I just use it to get me started, or give me an idea and then I tweek it to make it work for whatever I'm doing.)  I found this nesting basket tutorial and decided to use the pattern for the medium sized basket with a few tweaks to it (see below).


Erin Basset - Fabric Scrap Crochet Basket3


So I made a few changes to the instructions...I did half double crochet (hdc) stitches instead of single crochet (sc) and I didn't do the last 4 rows since I liked how tall it was without them. (hdc stitches are taller then sc stitches.)


Erin Basset - Fabric Scrap Crochet Basket2


This basket ended up measuring 7" x 2".  Which was perfect for me.  I will admit that it was much harder to crochet fabric then yarn....maybe it was because it was ripped or maybe too thick???  It definitely took some effort!  But it was a quick project and I think I like how it turned out...I'm not 100% sure yet LOL.  But hey, I used some scraps so I can't really complain too much.  ;)


What do you do with your fabric scraps???  Please post you links in the comment section!



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